Craig Hazlett

An Interview with Craig Hazlett of Victoria, BC

Relocation is typically recognized as part and parcel of the pursuit of any new or challenging professional opportunity, with many professionals viewing it as a temporary circumstance that will open the door to better opportunities in the future. For some, however, an opportunity requiring relocation not only leads to substantial professional growth; in many cases, these opportunities also allow the professional to connect with a new place in such a way that it becomes home.

In the case of Craig Hazlett, Victoria grew into his new home thanks to his own pursuit of new and challenging sales opportunities. Craig, now a record-breaking sales consultant with Alsco Canada, first came to Victoria, BC with the mission to turn around Tyco International’s lagging sales numbers for ADT, its electronics, security, and technology division. Within three months, Craig’s transformative efforts earned him the top ranking in Canada for sales on new business.

In the time of relocating to Victoria, BC Craig has set the standard for sales excellence and has earned repeated recognition for his outstanding professional achievements. After demonstrating his unique sales acumen in a variety of professional roles, Craig accepted his current position as a sales consultant with Alsco Canada.

Craig, who prefers to spend his spare time in the company of his wife and two daughters, describes his partnership with Alsco Canada as a “perfect fit,” which has undoubtedly contributed to the success he has achieved since joining the company almost five years ago. We asked Craig to answer a few questions that might help further explain his success while also providing some insight into the winding road he has traveled over the course of a truly remarkable 25-year professional career.

With your background in architectural building technology, what inspired your transition to sales?

That’s a question I’ve thought about quite a bit over the years. It is one of life’s great joys that so many of us possess some hidden talent just waiting to be discovered, and, for me at least, it was at this moment of discovery that I felt inspired to alter the direction of my professional career radically.

As you mentioned, I actually went to college for architectural building technology and was working with a local firm when I first realized the natural penchant for sales I possessed. I dipped my toes in the water by taking a few sales jobs before making what turned out to be such a career-altering decision, and I eventually went back to school to study marketing at the University of British Columbia.

Obviously, it’s all worked out better than I ever could have hoped for, and it all began with the surprising revelation of my hidden talent for sales.

In your opinion, what skill (or skills) has most contributed to your professional success?

That’s a tough one, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer I give today differs from the answer I might give in the next week, month, or year. That being said, I think my success is partly due to the simple fact that I enjoy the range of challenges that come with sales, especially when I’m asked to take action to turn around poor or underperforming sales numbers quickly. My leadership and team-building skills — along with my experience in strategic planning and negotiation — have also played an important role in contributing to my professional success thus far.

Your sales numbers are currently the highest in Canada (they are also the highest in the history of Victoria, BC). What inspires you to pursue and achieve such lofty sales goals?

I’ve always been driven by an internal impulse to set the bar as high as possible when setting goals or measuring achievements, but the inspiration that comes from this natural inclination to succeed — which, to be clear, is indeed quite substantial in its own right — is nothing compared to the inspiration I derive from my family.

Knowing that my professional achievements will ultimately help improve the quality of life my wife and our two daughters are able to enjoy is an incredible source of inspiration, and it keeps me focused on achieving sales numbers that continue to surpass the previous records (including the sales records I’ve already set) for Victoria, British Columbia, and Canada as a whole.

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