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Adrian Rubin is a native New Yorker that currently resides in Brooklyn and works as a creative director. Born in Beacon, he grew up in the Dutchess County before moving for work. Most of his current projects operate on a freelancing-basis as he continues working with old clients.

In his youth, Adrian Rubin often expressed a lot of interest in art. After completing his education successfully, he spent some time doing customer service. Soon enough, however, he discovered that he was not passionate about this field and decided to look elsewhere. Armed with limitless creativity and excellent knowledge of teamwork, Rubin decided to try his luck in creative directing.

Presently in his mid-30s, Adrian Rubin has been in this field for over a decade. Most of his projects are strict on deadlines and come as a derivative of some part of the music or entertainment industry. Having successfully completed virtually all of his engagements, he was able to form a client base that now keeps him busy full-time.

The most important skills that facilitated an enormous growth over the course of Rubin’s career are persistence and reliability. People who worked with him in the past have been able to rely on his services without worrying about potential issues arising. Thus, it comes as no surprise to witness extraordinary longevity that Rubin’s career echoes with.

Do you enjoy living in New York?

Absolutely! I had a chance to visit some other states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and it made me realize how different New York is. I mean, you would think that going to those bordering states would be basically the same, right? To me, it seemed like visiting a brand new country. I love that about New York. No matter how it is, I do not think I could find any other place in the world that is even remotely similar.

Was the transition from Beacon to Brooklyn easy?

Well, just consider the fact that I am still not done transitioning. In Beacon, everyone knows everyone as the city is relatively small. In Brooklyn, I am sometimes under the impression that I see more people daily than the entire population of Beacon has. So, it has been a pretty interesting transition that had its easy and hard times.

What is the hardest aspect of your job?

Having to say “no” to people. I like taking opportunities but, in reality, I am only one person. There have been times when I had to decline work because I did not have enough time to dedicate myself to it. It mostly bothers me because the industry is unpredictable and I can never anticipate how busy I will get. Some days, I may struggle to put together 3 solid hours of work. Other times, I do not have 3 hours for myself in an entire 16-hour day.

Has there been a project you enjoyed more than the others recently?

No. I do not take my work on a first-come-first-serve basis anymore as I have a surplus of opportunities. This means that I give plenty of consideration to things I would actually enjoy doing. Thus, most of my recent projects have been very engaging and fun.

What do you do in your free time?

I love going to the Central Park. It is one place in the entire city of New York where I can get away from the constant tension and on-the-go folks. Do not get me wrong, I am a very busy person myself, but everyone needs to take a break at some point. Usually, I would take a long walk or do a quick run. It helps me clear my head and recharge my batteries so that I can tackle other outstanding tasks.

Is there anything you wish you would have done differently in your career?

Not really. I did make some mistakes when I was first starting out, but those helped me get to where I am today. I tend to believe in cliches like “everything happens for a reason,” and I would not go back and change things just because they might have had a negative outcome.

Do you think you will ever leave New York or this career?

Right now, I do not have a reason to. New York has been my home for over thirty years. I think that leaving would be very hard to do, if not impossible. As far as my career, I am a strong proponent of another saying – if it is not broken, do not try to fix it. My clients have enjoyed my services for quite some time now, and that tells me that I am good at my job. Not to mention the fact that I love what I do and see no reason to look elsewhere!

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