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Aaron Durall Discusses Lab Testing and Healthcare

When it comes to versatility, Aaron Durall is a perfect example of a well-rounded professional. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a lawyer, he went through some of the most rigorous programs available. After years in the industry, he is now the founding partner of Reliance Laboratory Testing. Also, he is the sole owner of Durall Capital Holdings and operates out of Florida. Although his career started in a more number and law-based area, his current pursuits differ. The company that Aaron Durall leads is heavily involved with laboratory testing that aims to improve healthcare. Of course, his knowledge of law certainly came in handy as he built the enterprise from scratch.

Could you clarify what exactly is the role of lab testing in healthcare?

In simple terms, lab testing is the main driver of all innovation in healthcare. It is the primary way that new medicine is tested and developed. Consequently, that medicine is used to treat conditions that millions of people suffer from. Although it is a very complicated process, its main focus is to facilitate improvement.

Additionally, lab testing is the primary way to confirm patients’ conditions. Doctors often offer a diagnosis that needs to be proven with further tests. That further analysis revolves around a lab where a sample is broken down. Ultimately, one is able to name the exact condition of their patient and see how serious the situation really is based on the lab results.

Are you familiar with community health care? If so, could you outline what it is and how to make it effective?

Absolutely. So, community health care encompasses a large field of sciences that deal with maintaining the overall health of a population. In certain cases, that population can be based on location or age. For example, consider everyone who lives in Hollywood, California. The community healthcare is the branch that deals with the health status of this entire area as a whole.

To make it effective, I believe that there should be a robust system in place. Something that will enable people to get help when needed while not overcharging them. Also, there should be a way to uncover large medical problems that may affect the community. Those can include various outbreaks of environmental diseases.

For someone who is very successful, what is a way to give back?

I am a firm believer in community outreach. In fact, I try to push people towards this cause and help them get involved. There are countless ways to give back, and one simply has to choose their favorite. If you were to decide on community outreach, you would spend time working with people who want to learn a tangible skill. Or, you might be the one to connect families that are not in touch and need a middleman. Either way, it is an amazing way to contribute to society and personally change lives.

How do you view medical insurance for people who live below the poverty line?

Unfortunately, I see it as nonexistent. Although various laws tried to force people to have insurance, I do not think it actually worked. Yes, most Americans indeed have some medical policy. The problem, however, is when one looks at the coverage that they possess. With people who live in poverty, the coverage tends to be so bad that it might as well not exist. Sky-high deductibles with no virtual benefits tend to characterize these policies. That means that any treatment needed will be charged to the patient. Given that they live in poverty, however, they will be unlikely to afford such costs.

How were you able to switch between fields that have so little in common?

I actually think that accounting, law, and even medicine have a lot in common. All three fields teach people many transferable skills like attention to detail and persistence. Those are certainly necessary no matter what field one ends up in. Also, I found ways to connect all of my education and merge my skills together. For example, consider Reliance Laboratory Testing. My knowledge of medicine is what helped me choose the type of company that I wanted to form.

Then, I used my accounting skills to analyze which entity type will be the most suitable for this venture. Lastly, I used my legal expertise actually to complete the necessary paperwork with the state. In the end, I became a proud owner of a new LLC business.

Do you think people should pick one area of study and focus on it?

Well, as someone who did multiple disciplines of study, I might be a little biased. I do not see anything wrong with exploring your options. That is, after all, the best way to find something one truly enjoys doing.

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