3 Day Remodeling LLC Shares Their Remodeling Survival Guide

Remodeling a home is one of the easiest ways to increase its value and refresh one’s everyday environment. The problem, however, is the fact that this venture requires a lot of time, effort, and money. After all, high-quality remodeling consists of hiring the right individuals, carefully choosing the new look, and overseeing all the works. Since problems are fairly common, people’s time management and leadership skills are often put to a true test during this endeavor.

To avoid costly mistakes, everyone should comprehend some basic tips related to remodeling. Although the list of things that people should look for is long, the following list is put together by Andrew Riddle of 3 Day Remodeling LLC based on his personal experience.

Detailed Planning

Remodeling is usually handled by independent contractors or companies in this market. Those who are interested start off by finding the right party to complete the project. Although that party will be the one executing the work, planning starts long before. Meaning, the actual person whose home is remodeled should plan their project ahead of time. Doing so will help them figure out the costs and a timeline which must be followed. Additionally, it will enable them to work on their own ideas more.


As the owner of 3 Day Remodeling LLC, Andrew Riddle, states, most people are skeptical about remodeling as they fear potential expenses. Well, this is not an entirely valid fear as there are projects that will not cost much more than buying new furniture. In fact, remodeling prices are directly related to the type of work that is performed. For instance, large rooms and projects that require multiple contractors will be more pricey. Similarly, completely revamping some space may cost extra due to the additional raw materials. Smaller plans, however, will usually be a lot cheaper and may even be financially immaterial.

Knowing the Limits

As with most jobs pertaining to physical labor, one must know when to stop. When remodeling takes place, the person in charge might be tempted to rush through the plan. Although it may seem like doing that helps speed up the process, there are important shortcomings of such practices. First, trying to do too much too fast is a recipe for overlooking essential details. Additionally, it can also be exceedingly taxing on the workers who are doing the actual labor. Since increased stress facilitates diminishing productivity levels, one should simply come up with a realistic plan and stick to it.

Reliable Research

Generally speaking, finding a reliable contractor is the most critical part of the process. This is where the person whose home is remodeled creates a contract with the party that will handle the project. So, what is the best way to find trustworthy workers? Detailed research. Settling for the first remodeling company that one runs into is a common mistake for first-time customers. Doing so usually means that they are settling for more expensive workers who may not deliver top-notch service. Thus, to find companies like 3 Day Remodeling LLC, one must simply spend enough time looking!

Expected the Unexpected

Construction, building, and any similar jobs often come with unexpected problems. For instance, building a house may be delayed for months due to bad weather. Painting a building may be prolonged due to a lost shipment. Well, the remodeling market is no different. Since the entire industry operates as a massive supply chain, problems on one end will showcase elsewhere. In translation, people who are planning to remodel their homes should expect the unexpected. They should not be surprised if a worker does not show up due to illness or if deliveries are backed up. The sooner one accepts the fact that their deadlines might be pushed, the easier it will be to overcome the adversity.

Communication Matters

Communication should be prioritized to ensure that problems do not throw the project off course. That means that one must constantly follow up with their contractors. That way, all parties will always be on the same page. Additionally, communicating feedback is the only way to let the workers know if something needs to be altered.

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