5 Most Common Dental Problems

The everyday person often forgets that the teeth are living organs, with live tissues and nerves. Consequently, they face a lot of undue strain, with continuous exposure to fizzy drinks, sugary food, and poor oral hygiene.

A tooth decay is one of the most prevalent dental problems in the U.S. today. Dental implants & Invisalign are that can help replace lost teeth and fix protrusive/unevenly spaced teeth, respectively, but there is no replacement for oral hygiene. Here is a list of the five most common teeth problems faced by Americans.

1. Tooth Decay

It is more commonly known as cavities or dental caries. It occurs when a sticky substance called plaque is allowed to stay on the teeth for too long. Although anyone can have cavities, children and older adults are at the most risk.

Sarasota being a community of heavily fluoridated place, this trend is declining among children. However, older adults are still prone to cavities because of the protective gum tissue withering away with age. Dentists recommend using fluoride toothpaste and flossing every day.

2. Periodontal Disease

Also known as gum disease, the periodontal disease usually starts with gingivitis, which is curable. The plaque gives rise to a bacterial infection, which attacks the gum tissue and the tooth ligament. The NIDCR has estimated that 50% of all adults show signs of gingivitis.

Those at highest risk include pregnant women and those with occasional brushing and flossing habits. Dental care specialists suggest that gingivitis can be reversed before it progresses to periodontitis. The first sign of gum disease is bleeding, and one should immediately see a dentist.

3. Tooth Infection

A tooth or root infection occurs when bacteria infect and fill up a tooth. This situation is followed by the damaging of the pulp tissue and the nerves inside. Tooth infections usually begin with fractures, cracks, and cavities.

Severe infections cause abscesses, resulting in painful facial swellings. However, if dealt with in time, abscesses can be prevented. Deal with a cracked tooth early by visiting a dentist. Once a root has been completely infected, a reliable solution is a root canal treatment, which isn’t painful nowadays.

4. Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitivity is when you experience pain or discomfort when you eat sweet, hot or cold things or expose your teeth to cold air. People with the most sensitive teeth can feel pain while brushing or flossing. Sensitivity can also indicate several other problems, like fractured teeth, worn fillings, worn tooth enamel and the like.

Visiting your dentist as soon as you experience the first signs of sensitivity is the best course of action. Particular toothpaste brands recommended by a dentist can help alleviate it to some extent.

5. Enamel Erosion

Enamel degradation is another common problem characterized by rounded and discolored/worn enamel on the teeth. People who drink a lot of fizzy drinks and eat sugar-based foods are prone to enamel erosion. In many, enamel erosion is also an occupational hazard, such as for wine tasters and athletes who sip on sports drinks a lot.

Replace soda or acidic drinks with water, and use soft-bristled toothbrushes. Cosmetic dentistry in Sarasota can help you with veneers for discolored teeth. You can also get a smile makeover with dental implants & invisalign treatment.

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