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Yoga for a broken heart: Does it really work?

March 20, 2019

“Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul. ” – John Maxwell

A wounded heart is one unsolicited gift life can impose on us at any moment. It is one of the most brutal emotions one can bear. In today’s frenetic world, sorrow and joy act in tandem. Both can happen rapidly, one after another or sometimes one upon another. Physical pain can be dealt with some instrumental processes. It can be defined in a way that can be diagnosed in a precise manner. But emotional pain can never be the same, it can cause blizzard or tornado inside your heart that none can perceive. This can make you mute with the outside world. We’ve all been there somehow. A failed relationship, a doomed career or losing a close one – all these ache our heart. If you can’t make peace with yourself, this heartache will eat you from inside bit by bit. Above all, you can start the process by accepting the truth and after that ‘YOGA’ is certainly there to help you out through your most arduous time.

‘YOGA’ is one of the earliest physical, mental and spiritual forms of exercise that originated in India and evolved into various forms of using all around the globe. Among other things, one of the many significant benefits of being a yoga practitioner is that it helps you to check your stress level and make you really calm under extremely demanding situations. Also, you can find a partner at your yoga class and doing yoga with your partner actually helps you to reveal your true-self. Many forms of yoga are used as a bridge between mind and body and as a result, it is considered as a strong method for meditation which helps in the relaxation of your soul. According to a survey, more than 2 billion people around the world practice yoga. From last many years all the countrymen are adopting the merits of yoga and its potent healing powers. Our body is literally stockpiled with tormented emotions in different body parts, and arguably all yoga poses can minister stored emotions with vibrant touches and openings. Over time, these activities allow you to let go of old wounds.

Needless to say, our hearts are the most sensitive part of our body which can act like a sponge and grasp onto feelings from everyday actions of our life and react to them likewise. Inversions are the ideal postures to release black emotions that can put you on a fast track to inner peace. Also, Hip openers, ‘Backbenders’ are other postures that can lead you to flip your perspective about life and contrasting situations.

‘Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy’ is the scientific name of broken heart syndrome. The sufferings of a broken heart leave you devastated with immense pain. Mostly, all the times, we all want our hearts to be healed in a certain swift way. It is also true that time can heal our wounds. But above all, it’s also vital to healing properly. Meditation acts as a savior. Meditation helps us realize our inner-self, and it teaches us to guide ourselves through the dark hours. It needed us to be genuine, to be forgiving, and to be patient. All these phases should be accounted for life experiences.

Guided meditation can restore a certain volume of hidden confidence and gain clarity. A powerful yet calm and beautiful meditate posture helps us to detect closure after a failed relationship or a wrong happening or such mishaps. Among those yoga poses, heart-opening postures convincingly open your heart with enormous nursed care. After these yoga practices, you’ll feel anew. You can love, forgive and move forward. It allows your toxic emotions to vaporize and enable you to process yourself truly. Undeniably, yoga is the only robust tool which pays acute attention to your breathing anomaly. Short and rapid inhales indicate you’re in a state of dismay, while serene breathing process reveals your state of calm. Yoga can educate you about the proper usage of the breathing process. Also, it teaches you the importance of honoring your feelings as it occurs at the time being. It clearly makes you more resilient during times of utmost grief and sorrow.

Again, there are some profound back-bending postures which are so subtle and tender yet astoundingly healing. Sphinx, Bridge, Camel, Pigeon, Child’s, etc. are pioneers among this section of yoga exercises. These poses bring hormonal activities at the level and help you to regulate your nervous system. Especially ‘Camel’ pose offers your heart extreme space to feel the rush of optimal vulnerability. Then there are Hip-opening asanas. It goes by saying that heavy emotions are often stockpiled in your hips and as a consequence of these practices, it’s actually so relieving to release that tension. After that are some intermediary poses which possess great difficulty at first. These poses can be discouraging at the beginning as it is particularly advanced. But you can practice other back and chest opening exercises, and as soon as your body starts opening up, you can always get back to it.

Some other vital postures are as follows:

Camatkarasana, Sirsasana, Ustrasana, Trikonasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Halasana, which plays pivotal roles in controlling the mind. As a result of practicing the following postures regularly, you will begin to let go of the debris that no longer serves you.

Yoga aids in empowering one’s body, mind and soul. It genuinely helps you to check your anxiety level and reveal your inner presence to yourself. It guides your confidence to a huge positive extent and assists to develop vigor and flexibility. Yoga lends a hand to cure some critical diseases like asthma, diabetes and heart-related problems. Among the numerous benefits of yoga, it undeniably focuses on health and self-healing. Truth to be told, yoga is literally a process of slow sorcery. Essentially, yoga can extract an insane amount of inner peace from oneself. With newly formed mind and body, your energy creates a shift to a complete distinct emotion which impacts vastly over your soul and heart, offers strength and comfort in the archaic instant and prepares you for the imminent circumstances.

‘Inhale the future, exhale the past.’ -Unknown

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