Why you should buy your nightstand online

Chances are that if you’re reading this blog, you’re in immediate need of a nightstand. The average person is much more likely to buy a complete bedroom set rather than just one piece like a nightstand. But when you need a nightstand right away and don’t have time to go browse your local furniture stores, ordering online has many advantages.

Shopping online has saved people millions of dollars in the last decade, but until recent years it was too cost-prohibitive to ship large items like nightstands and other bedroom furniture. Now you can get almost anything from online retailers delivered right to your doorstep.

Here are some more reasons to consider shipping for your next nightstand online.

The best prices

With the rising prices of all consumer goods, it is more important than ever to look for the best deals. In addition, since most people don’t have much in the way of savings, big purchases like bedroom furniture are usually made on a very tight budget. When you live paycheck to paycheck, even a cheap nightstand might seem out of reach.

Thankfully, online furniture stores offer lower prices than your local furniture retailers. You could find a nightstand that will meet your needs for around $100 or less by browsing online. If you know that you want to update your entire bedroom in the next year or two, you can get a very cheap nightstand as a temporary replacement.

Discover the latest prices:

Larger selection

When you shop your local brick-and-mortar furniture stores with a tight budget, you’re only going to find one or two options on the showroom floor that fall in your desired price range. You may have to visit every furniture store in your geographical area to exhaust all options, and you still might not find the nightstand that is right for you.

Online furniture stores have much larger collections of cheaper furniture to give you as many options as possible for your budget.

Ongoing clearance and year-round sale prices

Your local furniture stores are only going to run clearance sales in January, July, and August, but online furniture stores have a consistently updated clearance section of their website that allows you to save whenever you need the price break. Otherwise, you will only save at your local furniture store if you visit them during one of the traditional retail holidays.

Set discounts and financing

If you just don’t have the room in your budget to buy a nightstand that will work for you, financing might be an option. Some of the big-box furniture stores offer to finance, but smaller furniture companies operating in the area are not likely to offer financing options. However, a higher percentage of online stores offer financing with more lenient approval processes.

There is usually a minimum purchase amount required to qualify for financing and buying an individual nightstand will not be enough to meet that requirement. If you are looking at financing options, consider getting the entire bedroom set rather than just a nightstand. You can also usually get additional discounts by purchasing a particular number of items from the same bedroom furniture collection.

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