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April 27, 2018

Why Should You Replace Your Old Mattress Right Now?

Sleep is very vital to human health. One way to ensure that you have a peaceful night’s sleep is to have a comfortable mattress. If you are using an old mattress and wake up each morning feeling all achy and stiff, perhaps it is time to replace it. There are some crucial health reasons why replacing your old mattress is a pretty important decision.

1. Avoid Allergic Matter

An old mattress is home to a plethora of allergic matter, including dust, mites, hair, body fluids, pollen and so on. For people who are allergic to this matter, they may be faced with frequent sickness and discomfort. While these allergens can be eliminated by periodic vacuuming of the mattress and laundering of dirty lines, the matter will accumulate again in no time. The only solution would be to replace the mattress as it has more affinity for unwelcome matter than a new one.

2. Change in Lifestyle

If for instance you just got married, it would be imprudent of you to share the same mattress you have been using for years with your new spouse. A perfect welcome and show of utmost gratitude would be to get a brand new mattress for the both of you.

Alternatively, if you bought a bigger bed, it only makes sense to get a new mattress that fits well. Leaving wide spaces around your bed because the mattress is smaller makes it easy for bedbugs and other insects to infest your bed.

3. Prevent Physical Pain and Stiffness

Generally, mattresses wear out within eight years. If your mattress is older than this, it has probably been stripped of its comforting sponginess. If your mornings are punctuated by sore muscles, stiffness, back pain, numbness, and fatigue, then your old mattress is doing you more harm than good.

It doesn’t matter how long you sleep at night. If your mattress is worn out, you will wake up experiencing all the discomforts. That is when you know it is time to let your old mattress to go. You may try perfect cloud mattress for superb comfort and enjoy restless sleep without any pain.

4. Do Away With Bed Bugs And Dust Mites

Aside from the many allergens that are found on your mattress, there are other unwelcome guests such as dust mites and bed bugs. Dust mites are usually attracted to your mattress by the tiny matter of dead skin you shed every night.

Bed bugs, on the other hand, are always after your blood and they may cause severe discomforts and health concerns. If you have done all kinds of fumigation and you can’t seem to do away with the unwelcome guests, you should try replacing your mattress.

5. You Gained Significant Weight

If you quickly gain weight, your mattress will wear out faster and make it less comfortable to sleep on. While you are planning on how to lose your weight, you should replace your old mattress in the meantime. People with heavier bodies feel discomfort when they sleep on a worn out mattress. You will experience severe neck pain, back pain, and stiffness. To have a more gratifying sleep, you should get a new mattress that fits your body type.

These are just some of the few reasons why you should replace your mattress. Your sleep is essential, and you should not let an old mattress get in the way of comfort. Replacing your old mattress is the perfect way to ensure that you enjoy a sound night sleep and evade unnecessary discomfort.

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