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March 4, 2018

Which Is The Ideal Mattress For You

Learn About The Mattress Types

If you are shifting to a new home, you may want to shop for furniture and fixtures including a mattress. Before shopping for a new mattress, you will need complete knowledge about which one to buy for your new home.

Buying a mattress involves spending money and you do not wish to make a random selection. If you are having difficulty in finding the ideal one for your home, then you can always rely on the information available on the official website of Macy’s mattress. They are one of the top mattress suppliers and retailers in the U.S. and can offer you complete information about all the available mattresses on the market.

Here is brief information about the mattress types and sizes.

• Twin Mattress

The actual dimension of the twin mattress will be 38 inches x 75 inches. It is the best ‘suited mattress’ for single adults and toddlers. It is an ideal choice for those who have adjusted the accommodation in the studios or even in the smaller rooms or shared rooms.

A twin mattress is not suggested for couples, men, and women, who are of tall built, people who like to spread their hands and legs while sleeping.

• Toddler mattress

The actual dimensions of the toddler mattresses are 28″ x 52″. As the name suggests, these are the types that are ideal for the toddler bed. When compared to the crib mattresses, these are quite soft and are ideal for placing above the toddler cot. The best part of toddler mattresses is that they can be attached to protective rails to help babies not to fall off the bed. Apart from the toddlers, they are not ideal for other people.

• Twin XL Mattresses

The actual dimension of twin XL mattresses is 38″ x 80″. You can find them usually in the dorm rooms in colleges, hostels, and other such places where several people stay in a room. It is just the extra-large version of the twin mattress, and this factor makes it ideal for people who are of taller built, more than 6 feet in height.

Twin XL mattresses are just perfect for teenagers and even adults, who sleep alone or have to share their room with some other people like in studios or small rooms. This mattress type is not ideal for people who love to have more space while sleeping.

• Crib Mattresses

The actual dimension of crib mattresses is 28″ x 52″. Buying a crib mattress is rather easy for babies, as they all come in same firmness level and standard size. However, when it comes to toddlers, the choice would be a bit difficult. The mattress should accommodate your child in the crib until he/she is about 18 months old. This means you can use this mattress until your child reaches 35 inches in height or learns to climb the crib by himself.

Crib mattresses are comparatively thicker than other toddler mattresses since there are higher chances of the baby’s face getting sunk into the mattress if it is too soft. The main aim here is to offer modest and long sleeping hours for the child and also avoid possible chances of suffocation.

• Double or Full Mattress

The overall dimension of the double or full mattress is 54″ x 75″. When compared to the size of twin or twin XL mattresses, double or full mattresses are actually quite broader in size. When introduced in the market decades ago, these double beds were actually the first choice of every couple who moved in for the first time. People who prefer to have a lot of space while sleeping can choose a double or full mattress. It is an ideal mattress for couples who enjoy some napping time together. It can even be used for toddler mattress as it allows them enough space to spread their legs and hands while sleeping.

Many other mattress types are ideal for people but may not suit everyone. Understand your needs and what is best for you before buying the mattress from stores.

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