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September 29, 2019

What to Look At When Choosing a New Beauty Salon

Did you move to a new place or just feel like your current salon isn’t cutting it? Regardless of what drove you to start looking for a new salon, the things you should consider when choosing it are the same. Quality of service and professionalism are always the main factors to keep in mind. However, they might not be obvious at first glance, and you don’t want to book a treatment only to end up disappointed.

So, here are the signs of a trustworthy beauty salon that you can identify right away:

1. Well-established online presence

The world has gone digital and the beauty industry is not an exception. A salon that doesn’t have a website and presence on social media should be raising red flags. Also, how exactly are you supposed to find this business today and where to look for customer reviews?

So, start your search online, right after you find out the features of a good salon website. If the site is inconvenient to use, the owners didn’t bother hiring qualified professionals to design it. This begs to question what else did they choose to save money on? Do you want to risk finding out by putting your hair and skin on the line?

However, it must be noted that a strong social media presence is even more important for beauty parlors. Today, some of these businesses choose to forego a website altogether making business pages on various social networks their primary “base of operation”.

Therefore, the question is not where exactly the primary point of online contact is but for it to exist in the first place. A trustworthy salon will have many pictures displayed on their website or social media accounts. They should feature products used in the salon and samples of the stylists and beauticians’ work.

2. Reception area

Today it’s a toss between whether you should consider the website or its front sign as the “face” of the salon. However, one thing is for sure, the “neck” of the business is what greets you when you step into the door. And everyone knows how having a sagging wrinkly or dirty neck can ruin the image created by a picture-perfect face.

So, assessing the reception area should be your next step in evaluating a salon. How clean and stylish is it? Is the person working that reception desk capable of answering your questions and providing helpful information? Do they greet you with a smile and friendly attitude even if you aren’t yet sure you’ll be booking an appointment here?

If you prefer digital communication, you might choose to book the initial appointment and ask all the questions you need via a chat or an email. However, don’t forget that nothing can force you to stay if after entering the salon for the first time you are met with the reception area that’s messy, unwelcoming and unhygienic. If that’s the part that customers see first, how can you trust that anything else in this place will be better?

3. Products

Salons must use top-quality professional products for both skin and hair because they are better. While there are many arguments about whether you should buy salon-grade products to use at home, not using them in a salon is unforgivable.

Therefore, any trustworthy beauty parlor should invest in providing their customers with the best experience and service. And applying top-quality professional products that have high concentrations of active ingredients is a major part of this. After all, you could do all the same things at home without paying extra for a salon visit if the stuff they use is the same you’d buy from a local store.

4. People

While all the aforementioned factors are important, you also need to understand that there are some circumstances where they aren’t applicable. For example, if you are looking for a salon in some remote town or a developing country, it’s unlikely to have a designer interior as well as a cool website.

However, it must have experienced, friendly, and all-around amazing professionals working there. Hairstylists, beauticians, and any other people offering their expertise and skill to help enhance your beauty must be qualified and certified professionals in their field. They must be friendly and pleasant to talk with as well as able to provide valuable information about the treatments they use. They also must know to make decisions based on your condition and requirements.

Above all else, they must discuss these things with you explaining every treatment and choice so you can make the final well-educated decision.

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