What is the Scientific method of Psychological Inquiry?

January 23, 2021

If you are encountering mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or the effect of trauma, you need to see a psychologist. A psychologist is supposed to help you with mental health issues. Usually, there will be a registered psychologist who can conduct a psychological inquiry of his or her patient. Psychological Inquiry is a step-by-step process in which the psychologist and researcher can both work along or any one of them could do the job and both can benefit from the results. In this method, the researchers are supposed to evaluate people’s behavior to determine if there is a relation between two variables that trigger the behavior. Usually, people make judgments about their peers, colleagues, bosses, friends, etc. A researcher would do a follow up on these kinds of behaviors to see why a person do that, what are the circumstances in which he or she has done these judgments. 

There are three kinds of psychological approaches that can be used to evaluate a patient. 

Cognitive Approach

This particular approach of psychology is linked to the mind. In this study, the psychologist studies the complex mental processes of a human. For instance, problem-solving mechanisms, attention, memory, linguistics, creativity, thinking, and other things like that. This type of approach is used to figure out the competency of someone or a large group. For instance, the CIA recruitment procedure involves many tests by which cognitive psychologist measure their competency.

Behavioral Approach

The Behavioral approach is related to the normal behavior of human beings. In this approach, the psychologist tries to enhance desirable behavior through many reinforcements, and they try to eliminate unwanted or harmful behavior. The people from this school of thought believe that people can learn behaviors through proper reinforcements. This is a prolonged procedure, but it is considered good enough for some patients.

Humanistic Approach

This approach is rather different from the usual approaches of psychology as this approach deals with the individuality of each human being. In this approach, the whole human is the subject that is why it has been given the name humanistic approach. The psychologists who belong to this school of thought encourage people to be open in counseling sessions, this way people open up and the shrink has a way of emphasizing towards them. A Psychologist empathizes with the patient and helps them rebuild their self-image by asking them to accept whatever they are because every person is unique, and he/she has the right to be accepted.

To document everything through conclusions, a registered psychologist tends to follow a few steps. The step-by-step process of psychological inquiry follows these steps.

Make an Observation: 

First of all, a psychologist will observe by listening to his or her patient. He/she might need to build up a few questions that pinpoint the real problem. 

Results &Treatment: 

After the compilation of all sorts of observations, it is time to draw some results from the notes. By analyzing a patient’s situation different treatment plans are formed.

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