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Knee Cushion
May 2, 2022

What is a Knee Cushion & How Does it Help?

Finding ways to help improve and enrich your sleep is something that we all strive to do. Sleep is arguably one of the most important aspects of daily health. Just as important as making sure that you are eating the nutrition you need, and getting proper exercise, sleep is a cornerstone of physical, emotional, and even mental health. The unfortunate truth is that even tho this is such an important part of life, it can oftentimes be hard for people to either fall asleep or stay asleep.

Not only that but dealing with issues like waking pains is another reality for people who tend to sleep on their sides. Everyone has a particular method and style of sleeping that is unique to them and their preference. For side sleepers, it’s hard to simply fall asleep any other way. While sleeping on your side might be the most comfortable way for you to get a full night of sleep, unfortunately, this can create tension in your body that can result in discomfort or even pain.

The most natural tendency for side sleepers is to support their legs by placing something between their knees at night. Anything from a body pillow, to a blanket, can work, however, there are benefits to using a knee cushion. Knee cushions are specifically designed to help enhance not only a person’s ability to sleep but also mitigate the negative side effects of sleeping on your side.

If you are curious about what a knee cushion is or how it can help improve your sleep, here is everything you need to know!

What Exactly Is a Knee Cushion?

So the first thing to discuss is what a knee cushion is. As the name implies, a knee cushion is an item that’s meant to cushion or support your knees. Specifically, this cushion is designed to fit between your knees when you are sleeping and help your body by supporting the weight of your legs evenly.

The thing that makes a knee cushion have more advantages than a body pillow, or even just a soft, rolled-up blanket, is the ergonomic design. Using an orthopedic doctor-recommended design, the knee cushion is meant to specifically complement the space between your knees and give you support. Not only that but it’s built with 100% memory foam which responds to body heat to mold into the perfect fit.

Everyone’s body is different, so no two people will need the same kind of support. By using an ergonomic design, and being made out of memory foam, the Everlasting Comfort knee cushion can supply support no matter the person. It molds to the specific needs of your body and supports your legs where they naturally need it.

Adjustable Straps

Not only is this knee cushion designed to help support your body, but it has adjustable, and removable straps that help ensure it creates the right fit for you. This means you don’t have to worry about your knee support slipping through the night.

Anyone who has used a body pillow, or rolled-up blanket knows the frustration when this support falls away. It can cause you to have to readjust, and possibly even prevent you from falling asleep. With adjustable and removable straps, you can set your knee cushion where you need it and not worry about it the rest of the night.

How Does a Knee Cushion Help?

Knee cushions are typically designed to help support side sleepers and mitigate any kind of discomfort that can occur while they are sleeping. The discomfort or pain that someone who sleeps on their side can experience typically come from how their lower body weight is distributed while sleeping.

One of the first things that can happen with a side sleeper, is that they can put pressure on their sciatica nerve. This can cause feelings of discomfort, or even numbness if you sleep on your side wrong. One of the most common issues with side sleepers is tension or pain that develops from your hips and legs. This can happen when the weight of your upper leg isn’t distributed evenly, causing tension in your hips, and even lower back.

A knee cushion helps to keep your legs aligned correctly and to help even out the weight distribution. This means that it can support your lower body and help alleviate pressure or tension that could build up in your spine or lower back. It also encourages proper spinal alignment which can help benefit your entire body.


Sleeping on your side doesn’t have to be something that causes you pain or discomfort. If you prefer to sleep on your side, then you should not have to deal with the unfortunate side effects of waking up to aches or pains. Utilizing a high-quality, knee cushion can be a great way of getting the great sleep you need!

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