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What Causes Skin Aging and Some Preventative Measures From the Experts at Glow Medispa

Maintaining a youthful appearance often becomes hard to do after a certain age. The body slowly loses its optimal flexibility and starts deteriorating. Due to that, one’s physical appearance may start giving away hints of weakness. Although there are many ways to slow down this occurrence, preserving one’s skin is generally the best starting point. After all, skin is known to be the largest organ in the body and will be noticed first. So, how exactly can someone maintain a youthful skin appearance? Additionally, what can contribute to one’s skin aging faster?

Washing and Moisturizing

Given the seemingly limitless amount of bacteria that exists, washing one’s skin is a great way to slow down aging. Although this is just a low-level measure of prevention, it can have impressive long-term effects. In fact, washing one’s face is considered to be the quickest route to less acne caused by dirt. Also, using a great exfoliating cleanser can rid the skin of the dead cells and make the skin more vibrant. A good cleanser can balance the PH level and minimize irritations.

After washing the skin, it is often necessary to moisturize. Doing so helps give it the necessary nutrients to stay hydrated. More specifically, it facilitates a better production of collagen and elastin. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people overlook the importance of something as effortless as daily moisturization.

Eating the Right Diet

As with nearly anything that pertains to the body, there is a way to draw a parallel to one’s diet. In the case of early skin aging, it is certainly clear that one’s eating could have an important impact. In general, maintaining a balanced diet that does not include an excessive amount of grains or refined sugars would be the best course of action. Additionally, one should get a plethora of protein that can help rebuild their muscles and keep the skin tight.

Alongside one’s diet, consuming enough water is probably just as important. Just consider, for example, the fact that as much as 70 percent of one’s skin is made up of water. Thus, drinking enough will perpetuate a more elastic and healthy-looking skin. Moreover, avoiding things that have added sugar can be useful as it will help reduce breakouts that scar the tissue.

Stressing Out

According to one of the leading medical spas in West Seattle, Glow Medispa, stress is the most commonly ignored factor. Besides contributing to one’s deteriorating mood, it will have adverse effects on their body and skin. Also, the tension in the facial muscles can expose one to early wrinkles due to angry or stressed facial expressions. Thus, taking up things like hobbies, working out, or yoga can lower stress levels and contribute to overall health.

Sleep and Aging Skin

Getting enough sleep is critical for the health of the skin. With sleep loss, the overall appearance will be negatively impacted, and the complexion suffers. Eyes become swollen and droopy. Not to mention the dark circles that will show up underneath one’s eyes every time that they are overly tired. There are many components to addressing insomnia, including regular bed and wake times, no screen time 90 minutes before sleep and meditation. Experts at Glow Medispa can help to find the right path towards a healthy sleep pattern.

Alcohol and Drugs

Although stress is the most commonly neglected factor, Glow Medispa considers substance abuse to hinder one’s skin the most harshly. First, it will reduce the production of collagen and elastin. Consequently, the skin will start sagging and the person will appear much older than they truly are. Similarly, the ingredients contained in alcoholic beverages and various drugs will amplify the consequences mentioned above even more. To truly preserve the quality of your skin and your youthful complexion, these substances should be avoided whenever possible.

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