February 26, 2018

7 Tips for Relieving Back Pain

Do you always move in your bed while sleeping? Do you wake up with an achy back or feel tired? Probably, sleep deprivation could be a reason for all these troubles.

Back pain can be traumatic and provide great discomfort. Scientifically, it has been proved that the likelihood of experiencing back pain is higher in people suffering from chronic illness. Well, we have a solution for your back-pain problem.

We have listed some of the tips here that the will help you to get rid of back pain. As an added benefit, you’ll get rest and comfortable sleep.

Tips to follow to eliminate back pain completely

Use a body pillow

According to an orthopedic specialist, a lot of people have back pain benefitted from using a body pillow. Your body pillow must be around 5ft or 6ft long. A body pillow can be very beneficial, provided you’ve used it correctly.

Steps for using a body pillow:

  • Place the pillow between your knees.
  • Allow it to rest along your spine such that you can maintain a semi-incline position while sleeping.

Sleeping like this for a few days will take away your back pain.

Right usage of bed pillow

The right usage of the pillow is essential for proper sleep. The right pillows, apart from providing proper sleep, plays a major role in providing protection to your back. You should never place your shoulder on the pillow while sleeping. It should be rested on the mattress.

According to the orthopedics, “Pillows are meant to provide support to the neck and not to the shoulders.” Also, water pillows that can hold up to five quarts water would be ideal and very effective as compared to feather or foam filled pillow.

Anyone tired of neck pain must try contoured pillow for their neck. Moreover, avoid sleeping on stacks of a pillow. Just use one pillow while sleeping.

Examine your mattress well

Just like you try clothes before buying them, it’s advisable to try out mattresses too before the purchase. A lot of stores now offer mattress trial services. You just need to find one.

Avoid sleeping on stomach

Specific postures can cause serious trouble to your neck, lower back, hips knees, etc. Sleeping on the stomach will flatten the spine and put on some additional strain on the back. Moreover, the posture further demands neck rotation which could be responsible for causing severe neck or back pain between the shoulders.

Practice “Sleep Hygiene”

Sleep hygiene suggestions are:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol, especially while going to bed.
  • Try to maintain a sleep-friendly environment for a relaxed and peaceful sleep.
  • Anyone suffering from insomnia must consult a doctor for medications and recommendations.

Suggestions for different sleeping positions

A right posture is very essential for proper sleep. We have listed some tips for every sleeping position here:

  • For back sleepers: Keep a pillow beneath the knees and let your spine retain its natural curve.
  • For stomach sleepers: Keep a pillow beneath your pelvis and lower part of the abdomen.
  • For side sleepers: Lift your legs towards the chest and place the pillow between the knees.

Right mattress is important

We want to inform our readers that one possible reason for experiencing sleep deprivation is sleeping on the wrong mattress. Uncomfortable mattresses will disturb not only our sleep but also affect the health and well-being of our lives. Moreover, they can increase the stress level along with causing the physical pains.

  • Always select the right mattress for sleeping, so that you can avoid these problems in the first place. The right mattress will not only provide you proper support and sleep comfort, but it will also wake you up refreshed.
  • Always prefer good quality mattresses. Consider factors like durability, density, brand-name, etc. while choosing a mattress. High-quality Tempur Pedic mattresses are not only highly durable but are available in different density ranges. They’re designed for keeping your comfort level in mind.

Finally, we want to inform you that comfort level and optimum sleeping position are not the same for everyone. Someone would prefer a soft mattress, while others require firmer mattress for sleeping which is why you should not buy a mattress based on someone else’s recommendation. Select the right mattress by keeping your comfort in mind.

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