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January 28, 2019

4 Great Tips for Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

A flower girl is perhaps the cutest attendee of a wedding where a young girl whose age is between 4 and 8 walks down the aisle scattering flowers all around. This cute little girl is either a family friend or a cousin. A flower girl carries a little basket in her delicate hands to spread the flowers.

If you are confused while choosing a flower girl, then scroll down to some of the tips that might help you:

  • Avoid choosing very young girls below the age of 3, as they will end up getting scared or tripping over frequently.
  • It’s not necessary that you choose only two girls, you can choose more than two if you have many options. No doubt, it will add more charm!
  • The right age of flower girls should be between 4 and 8.
  • The parents of little girls should be present there so that after the completion of duties, girls can sit with them and feel relaxed.

Choosing a dress for your flower girl would probably mean choosing a smaller version of the bride’s dress. But nowadays there are many options available in flower girl dresses to make her more adorable.

Now that you have decided on the flower girl, follow these four tips below to choose a gorgeous dress for them:

1. Take Into Account the Season:

Consider the season in which the marriage is going to happen. Try soothing pastel-colored frocks for her and a flower headband for a spring wedding. Ivory flower girl dresses will also look perfect in a spring wedding affair.

For chilled winters, do not forget to bring stockings or tights to keep her warm. A nice jacket or a shrug can also be included so that she does not feel uncomfortable.

2. Right Length for the Dress:

The length of the flower girl dresses should be chosen according to the age and height of the baby. Generally, tea-length is preferred so that the flower girl does not start tripping over the aisle. Floor length dresses are preferred for tall and the older girls.

3. Matching Her Dress with Yours:

Try to match her dress with yours. It looks mesmerizing if her dress is the exact replica of the bride’s dress. But if you do not want to keep it the same, you can opt for any dress with similar patterns and colors as yours.

Apart from this, do not go out of the theme while choosing flower girl dresses. Take the theme and colors of the wedding into account while deciding the pretty little girl’s dress.

4. White Is Not Mandatory:

People often tend to choose white or ivory flower girl dresses for the cutest attendee. But you should not limit yourself to just these; it’s not a custom or a tradition to make her wear white always.

If the bride’s gown is a deep red or soothing pastel, then you can choose her dress in the same color. Or you can add accessories in that shade, like a bright red shoe, or a flower bracelet!

Final Thoughts:

So these were some of the tips to choose a flower girl and her dress. Along with these, her safety is of prime importance. So, make sure that she doesn’t end up hurting herself.

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