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September 3, 2018

So, You Want to Start a New Career in Your 30s

Starting a new career in the 30s is a big decision. If you are contemplating a new career at this stage, be prepared to start from the scratch. You will not only have to find a suitable job, polish your CV but also go for recruiters who can genuinely help you in your search.

You also need to be aware that you are likely to face a stiff challenge from young contenders, who not only have age on their side but may be more qualified too. However, your hands-on experience and skill sets will keep you on an even keel with them.

Essential pointers for changing career in the 30s

1. Weigh the risks

Opting for a new career in the 30s is risky, since, at this juncture, your responsibilities have increased manifold. You may be paying rent and shouldering other financial burdens. So, evaluate the risks and be realistic, as a change in career may involve retraining that may add to your financial burden. You may also land a job with a lower salary.

2. Build upon your skills

In the 30s, age is certainly not on your side, but your skills and experience certainly are. So, leverage these assets to land a new job. When you create a resume online with the help of resume generator or draft one yourself, you must list out your skills and experience. This is certain to give you a leg up on newbies without any experience.

3. Focus on transferable skills

Transferable skills are those that you had been using in your previous job that will also come in handy in your new job. These include soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, etc., or even vocational. For example, if you are a legal expert and want to join an NGO, your legal skills can be utilized by this organization.

4. Make yourself monetarily secure

It is foolish to take a career change leap without securing yourself financially. This is because landing a new job may take time and till then you have to subsist on your savings. Although it is always better to hunt for a new job while continuing in your current job, it is not always possible. At times, you may have to quit to find a suitable job. So, save money for such an eventuality.

5. Be wise in choosing a new career

Although you may want to make your hobby your career, it may not bring in enough money to lead a comfortable life. So, instead of following your passion blindly, find a job that matches your skill set and potential.

6. Don’t let up on networking

In times like these, networking may become your savior. Knowing the right people will make it that much easier not only to find a suitable job but also get hired. You will also get to know of job openings that are never advertised and get referred to them too.

7. Add to your skills

Experience already acquired by you is a great asset, but you need to bolster it with added skills. This will undoubtedly make you more suitable for the job than your competitors.

8. Work out a strategy

Although you may impress the recruiter with your passion and enthusiasm, you need to have a solid strategy in place. This will help you in taking a well-charted course in a realistic timeframe to ultimately land a suitable job.

9. Use your career background to your advantage

Eschew the usual tendency of hiding your career background. It is something you should be proud of since it gives a fresh perspective on your new role and your hiring manager will only be too glad seeing you use it. It will also make you stand apart from the crowd and give you an upper hand.

10. Choose what you will enjoy

Although choosing what you are passionate about as a career may be fraught with risk, that doesn’t mean you totally ignore your heart’s desire. At 30, you are mature and wise enough to know what will work for you. And at this stage of life, you would certainly not like to get stuck in a job that makes you unhappy. You should rather opt for the one you will enjoy.


With a sound strategy and realistic expectations, you can go ahead and change career tracks in your 30s. However, for smooth sailing, adhering to the pointers above assumes importance. So, go ahead with your dream…there are employers waiting for mature and experienced candidates like you.

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