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July 3, 2024

Safe Cooking Advice for Busy Moms On the Go

Hence, you need a sharp knife to ensure your safety. The ideal fix is to use a knife sharpener to keep the edge always sharp.

You should also select the correct knife for your kitchen tasks. That means you make a big mistake when you use a meat cleaver to slice fruits. Instead, it would help if you used a paring knife.

Keeping the Electric Toaster Switched Off

Most busy moms use an electric toaster for breakfast. To make a quick meal in the morning, leave the toaster switched on.

This might lead to accidents. You will get hurt if you are unmindful and touch the hot toaster with bare hands, thinking it’s switched off. Also, this practice often reduces the life of the toaster than expected because of overheating.

Know How to Put Out Fire

The National Fire Protection Association states that close to 158,400 home structure fires occur in the US annually, causing 470 deaths.

Sometimes, sloppy cooking leads to fires and severe bruises in homes. Make sure that you invest in a fire extinguisher for the kitchen and learn how to use it correctly.

You must also know how to manage multiple explosions, such as electric or grease fire explosions. Do not use water to dissolve them. Instead, use a pan cover or baking soda to extinguish them.

If your oven catches fire, an extinguisher is the ideal way to put it out. On the other hand, you can turn off the microwave fire simply by switching off the appliance and keeping the door closed. Also, read through the guidelines by the American Red Cross to avert fires in your kitchen space.

Be Careful With a Pressure Cooker

Often, women invest in a pressure cooker to eat healthily. While that is a good idea, you must select a device with the correct design and no defects. Otherwise, you might face a pressure cooker explosion.

The injuries resulting from it occur because the cooker lid opens when it wasn’t supposed to, with hot contents. Such explosions can lead to severe injuries such as skin burns, bruises, eye injuries, head injuries, facial scars, and many more.

Pressure cooker accidents that lead to eye injuries are the worst, as they can affect your eyesight forever. It will take months for you to recover, and you might have to take leave from work. Therefore, taking precautions is essential.

When buying the cooker, check the design. If you suspect any flaw, change it immediately. Also, follow the cooking manual to avert accidents.

If, despite all caution, you witness an explosion, you should take legal action. For that, TorHoerman Law asserts to get in touch with a lawyer. Over an initial free consultation, share your experience and allow them to determine if you can file a lawsuit. After that, your lawyer will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Manage Your Pans Carefully

Ensure the pan and pot handles are directed towards the stovetop center when cooking. This way, it will be tough to bump them and send the heated liquid flying.

Wear dry oven mitts and potholders when handling anything from the oven to the stovetop. Damp ones transmit heat very quickly.

In summary, working women are always pressed for time in the kitchen, which makes them vulnerable to accidents. These could be minor cuts from mishandling knives or pressure cooker explosions. Thus, following the safety cooking tips mentioned above is necessary to stay safe.

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