Online Prescription Services
December 10, 2017

The rise of Online Prescription Services

When you’re sick or ailing, the best thing would be to get your medicines home delivered. Till recently, this wasn’t possible, since you had to get up, get yourself to the clinic, and see a doctor to diagnose your medical condition and then prescribe suitable medicine. If you need to get medication at home and are unable to get yourself to the doctor’s clinic, then the solution is online prescription services.

With the advent of technology, it is possible to get groceries, tools, clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and even furniture delivered right to your doorstep. It stands to reason that the pharmaceutical industry won’t be left behind in this trend. With the revolution in technological advancements, there has been a steady rise in the advent of online prescription services across the globe. It is now possible to get medicines through online prescriptions to treat your medical conditions from the comfort of your home.

What benefits do you get?

People who live away from clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and first aid centers cannot avail proper medication in time. There could also be plenty of people who are too ill to travel and make it to the clinic to meet the General Physician (GP). Additionally, there are also those who prefer to be discreet with their medical conditions and feel uncomfortable facing physicians directly while describing the health issue.

Apart from the advantage of travel, one major benefit is the reduced cost of medication. Studies conducted have proved that medical costs can be cut by almost 25% for regular medication. If there is a specific condition that requires face to face contact with the doctor, then you will have to visit the doctor for a checkup personally. This will increase your costs. Otherwise, online prescription services can assist in diagnosis, prescription, lowered costs, and delivery of medication to your home.

If you or someone you know is facing situations like these, then online prescription services are ideal.

How do you sign on?

You can sign up with a reputed online prescription site and set a pattern for the delivery of everyday medicines. Signing on to an online prescription service isn’t very different from the old way of getting medications. The only thing that has changed is the delivery of information. You can fill in the basic information through an online form, give the details of your GP, any medication you are currently taking, and the pharmacy where you would get your medication filled. Existing prescriptions can also be transferred to the online pharmacy by requesting the site to contact your physician.

You need to inform the online pharmacist about any prevailing medical conditions, what your prescribed medication dosage is, and set up a schedule to have your medicines delivered to save you the cost of re-prescription and to have them filled out. These medicines will be delivered to your home or office according to the set schedule and pattern for ease and comfort. Most online pharmacists also stock over-the-counter medications.

Vital information:

It is essential to have ample information about the medicines and dosages that are being prescribed. The online pharmacist should have a complete list of the do’s and don’ts for the prescribed medication. They should also give the information freely without you having to ask about it separately.

Most online pharmacies will have all the medical information present on their site for patients wishing to read more about the medicines prescribed and the side effects (if any). You can also have the information emailed or faxed to you so that you can read about it in detail. Comprehensive drug information is mandatory by law, and you should be very vigilant when availing online prescription services.

Before consuming any new medication, always inform the online physician about any prevalent medical conditions and dosages that you are currently on. This will help prevent any interferences or clashes of medication between the current and new ones. You will be able to avail the benefits of both types of medicines without any damage to your health. If you have any concerns about the interference or effect of medicines or the correct dosage for your health, you can ask the online pharmacy to get in touch with your doctor or GP directly.

Most online prescription services and pharmacies have emergency contact numbers for patients who require immediate medical assistance. Conversely, you could also email the online pharmacist registered with the site and get a private consultation to meet face to face or converse through a call.

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