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marriage proposal
June 20, 2022

Planning a Proposal? Here is What You Need to Think About

Planning a proposal can be a lot of fun but, also, a lot of stress. Preparing you and your partner for a scene that will be filled with love requires intensive effort and thought. However, there is a storied history that has seen some partners organize simple, quiet moments and others concoct larger, more complex events. As such, lessons have been learned and, subsequently, taught. Here is a list that distills such knowledge into three simple categories: Where What, and Who.


One of the most important things to consider is where you intend to ask your partner to marry you. Though you might be looking at how to pop the question in the US, there are still plenty of places you could go to do so. From the peaks of a mountain trail to luxury restaurants to the comfort of your own home, you need to choose somewhere that will mark somewhere special for you and your partner.

Hopefully, you will have had a discussion surrounding getting married and proposals at some time in the past. This conversation does not have to be a precursor to getting married, but it is useful to have so that you can get the proposal just right. After all, not everyone wants to have a public proposal!


You need to make sure that you think carefully about the ring so you can get one that your partner loves. There are plenty of choices out there. Whether you opt for a piece from a collection from what the jeweler has in-store or a custom-made piece you arrange with them.

Remember that diamonds are sorted by carat, which is a measurement of weight, rather than size. For most shoppers, however, size is the key consideration. It can help to get your head around what 1 carat equates to (generally speaking), so take some time to review an actual diamond size chart before jumping to any decisions.


Of course, you must consider who you want to be in your proposal. Even if you aren’t going for a fully public proposal, there are some occasions when you are surrounded by friends and family that might make for a nice memory for everyone.

You also might want to enlist a couple of friends to help pull off the proposal. They can help with distractions before the big moment and can act as photographers to ensure that the precise moment is captured on film.

These are three things that you need to think about carefully when planning a proposal, but they are just three of many factors that could go into creating the ideal wedding. Think carefully about the proposal that you think your partner would like the most. After all, you want them to say yes, and so you should make sure that the question is one that they want to answer! Capture this special moment together and then get ready to enjoy all the fun and stress that comes with planning a wedding!

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