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Overcoming Hair Loss: What Can Be Done to Prevent Hair Loss at a Young Age?

Hair loss can be a stressful experience to come to terms with, mainly if you are young, as it may be due to genetics or other variables. Though there are procedures to help with hair loss in all its forms, it can still have lasting effects on your confidence that will carry through into almost every aspect of life. To help you combat this, we have compiled a list of ways that you can prevent hair loss from a young age without spending a small fortune.

Seek Help As Soon As Possible

Only you can tell the health of your hair. Therefore it is beneficial to monitor it closely for excessive hair loss or other abnormalities. If you do notice an excessive amount of hair falling out, it is vital to seek the help of a medical professional instantly. It will ensure that you have a plan in place to help decelerate the process. Whether this is a blood test to look for any deficiencies, or a consultation with a physician at a hair transplant London clinic, this meeting can help to combat the hair loss that you are experiencing before it gets too far.

Try Over the Counter Supplements

If you are deficient in vitamins and minerals, several supplements can be purchased over the counter. With some that are chewable and others that are in a tablet form, this can all help to stimulate the hair growth and add shine to the hair.

These supplements can be purchased online, over the counter, or at a drug store to provide you with what you need. However, there are some severe deficiencies such as b12 and iron that may require injections to boost the levels found in the body. Though this will be under the guidance of your doctor, there can be tests and other blood tests taken to ensure that you have the level of nutrients that you need to grow healthy hair.

Consider Other Options

Even though over the counter supplements are beneficial, some forms of hair loss are much more severe and may require a hair transplant to resolve the issue. There has been a vast amount of development in the sector with many different hair transplant procedures to choose from to restore the hairline and grow hair that is healthy and shiny. 

FUE Hair Transplant

A follicular unit extraction is the proceeds of removing individual hairs from a donor area and placing these in the affected area. These hairs then begin to grow within the first month of the transplant, providing a full head of hair with natural results.

FUT Hair Transplant

A FUT hair transplant differs slightly to that of an FUE transplant as the donor area is a strip of skin removed from the back of the head. It contains the follicles ready to be transplanted into the affected area, giving it a higher chance of success. Though this is more invasive than the FUE transplant procedure, this is sped up slightly as many follicles are all removed at one time.

DHI Hair Transplant

The final style of hair transplant that can help to overcome hair loss at a young age is a Direct Hair Implantation – this is the simple process of using a Choi pen to extract the hair one by one. It is then placed in the direction of the other hairs on the head, providing a natural-looking result with an affordable procedure. It is particularly beneficial for those that are only in need of a small number of grafts as it removes the hair from a 1mm hole, leaving minimal scarring.

Change Your Diet to Include More Protein

Another cause of hair loss is a lack of protein in the diet. The absence of biotin in your hair can cause keratin not being produced, which is a hair protein needed to grow healthy-looking hair.

To boost the amount of biotin that your hair possesses, you can eat some of the following foods:

Eggs – Eggs are a great source of protein that can help to prevent hair loss and can be used to aid in the production of keratin.

Fish – Fish such as salmon, herring, and mackerel contain several nutrients that keep the hair growing. With omega three and other fatty acids available in the food, it can help to increase the hair density.

Avocados – Vitamin E is vital to hair growth, and avocados are full of them. With 21% of the vitamin E contents you need in just one avocado, they are highly beneficial for your hair. In addition to this, they can be used as a hair mask to help promote shine and increase the soft feeling of the hair.

Remove Bad Habits

The final way that you can prevent hair loss from a young age is to remove any bad habits that you may have. Whether brushing your wet hair or placing it in a towel when you have a shower, this can all lead to damage and additional breakages. Therefore, removing bad habits such as this can help to keep your hair looking healthy.

We have compiled some ideas below:

Use A Wide Tooth Comb to Dry Hair-  This will help to work through any knots straight out of the shower without causing damage to the ends. In addition to this, it makes the application of leave-in conditioner much smoother.

Dry Hair on A Cooler Heat-  Though it is far less time consuming to dry your hair on extremely high heat, this causes damage to the hair that can last a lifetime. Turning down the heat will retain moisture in the scalp and the hair strands for the best possible results.

Tying Hair Up Tightly – The final bad habit that you should break is tying your hair too tightly. It can lead to unnecessary stress on the hair, causing it to break. However, this can be prevented with the use of a low ponytail or soft fabric hair ties as this lessens the stress to the hair strands.

With this in mind, there are several ways that you can minimize the damage caused to your hair to ensure that the hair loss is either prevented or controlled until a prevention plan in place. Which of these options will you be looking to try first?

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