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Make Yourself A Cozy Bed Made Up Of Organic Cotton

When you select a new bedding for your room, you should take into account the factors including comfort, size, material, and price of the mattress. Each mattress has its own set of pros and cons, and there are various types for everyone. They are made of latex, wool or cotton in today’s world.

Organic bedding provides comfort with the elegant cover which you can’t find in other synthetic counterparts. Today, people are informed about their health as well as the environment since cotton and latex have a dominant place in the bedding industry.

If you use cheap cotton bedding, it usually gets compressed and can get lumpy, but a branded quality product is compressed during manufacturing and is tufted properly. Also, the top quality cotton mattresses do not compromise the comfort of the people sleeping on it.

People are usually exposed to their bedding for about 6 to 9 hours a day, which means the skin is exposed to bedding, mattresses, and pillows. The person lying on the mattress will also breathe the harmful chemicals, which are released from the synthetic bedding. Organic bedding is grown at farms without any pesticides. In the cotton field, only non-toxic fertilizers and non-synthetic fertilizers are applied along with techniques of crop rotation and productive harvesting methods.

Benefits of using organic cotton bedding and mattresses:

  1. A natural insecticide is used for growing organic cotton. Apart from using harmful chemicals and synthetic pesticides, the traditional cotton farmers use 10% of pesticides and about 25% of insecticides. As these hazardous chemicals penetrate directly into the soil, they pollute the groundwater, which in return affect the animals and plants as well as people living nearby the fields. The increased production of organic crop reduces the use of the pesticide.
  2. In traditional cotton fiber, chemicals are retained even after processing, and the processing technique also requires the use of chemicals. Thus, synthetic or conventional cotton bedding may cause a problem for children or adults, or people suffering from asthma and other health issues. Purchasing organic cotton bedding is a wise decision if you have people in your home with the problems related to lungs.
  3. Organic cotton bedding and mattresses are proven to be hypoallergenic, as there are no chemicals or toxins used in the growth and production process. Anti-allergic organic cotton mattresses are produced in many mattress manufacturing companies in the United States. The organic cotton bedding is usually used with latex mattresses, which are also used by many people for hypoallergenic purposes.
  4. Organic materials help in conserving soil and ecosystem for the generations to come. It increases biodiversity. Moreover, cotton crop requires a substantial amount of water, but in the case of organic farming, the farmers use the procedures that are environmentally friendly. Hence, this water can be reused without any potential harmful effect. Organic cotton does not harm the planet, and the farmers usually grow a crop with the use of natural material.
  5. Bedding made from organic cotton is more comfortable than other beddings. It soaks moisture quickly than any other chemically saturated bedding. The ability to absorb and release moisture helps in keeping mattresses cooler during the summer and warmer in winter. The absence of chemicals, solvents, softeners, and dyes avoids skin irritation as well as a reaction caused by beddings. Organic cotton bedding absorbs moisture faster than latex.

Organic cotton bedding has increased durability when compared with the other bedding types. It is also biodegradable so it can be washed and dried easily. It is softer and smoother than other synthetic counterparts. It is also ideal for creating a comfortable and cozy bed. Organic cotton provides a healthy environment by not using harmful chemicals and techniques. You can visit to find the best quality mattresses at an affordable price.

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