Is Nutrisystem All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

5 Reasons to Give the Nutrisystem Plan a Try

If you’ve been doing research on various diet and weight-loss programs, you’ve probably run across Nutrisystem. It’s one of the more popular ones out there; but how do you know it’s legitimate?

Dozens of distinct weight loss programs and systems are circulating the Internet. You could spend hours researching various options and throw away thousands of dollars on trying different programs … and you’d only be touching the surface.

Nothing can take the place of thorough research, but you might not have to jump through all of the hoops. Nutrisystem, which is consistently rated one of the more effective weight-loss programs, could be just what you’re looking for.

Here are a few specific reasons why you should at least give it a try:

  1. Proven Track Record

The only thing you really need to know is that Nutrisystem has a proven track record. Other weight-loss programs pop up and rhapsodize about they can help people lose weight, but Nutrisystem has done it over and over again for decades.

“There are plenty of success stories online, and a few studies have been done too,” Training in the Bay points out. “Most notably, a Nutrisystem-funded study that was published in Postgraduate Medicine revealed that Nutrisystem participants lost around 24 pounds after six months while the control group lost an average of just 13 pounds during the same period.”

  1. Based on Scientific Principles

The fact that thousands of people have lost weight using Nutrisystem should tell you enough, but if you’re an analytical person who likes to understand the “why” or “how” behind the scenes, you’ll be glad to know that the program is based on proven scientific principles.

Nutrisystem is based on cutting out processed foods and using portion-controlled meals to reduce caloric intake, so you end up burning more calories than you’re consuming. No gimmicks … just basic biology.

  1. Allows for Flexibility

Do you know why most diet plans fail? It’s not that they’re built on faulty principles, but more that they’re unrealistic.

If a diet is too strict, most people aren’t going to have the discipline to stay with it. They’ll eventually slip up and binge on forbidden foods, which compromises the integrity of the entire system.

The awesome thing about Nutrisystem is that it allows for flexibility. Not only do you get to eat some meals on your own, but you’re allowed to buy certain snack foods apart from the prepackaged meals that are delivered to your door.

This little bit of structured wiggle room will increase your chances of sticking with the program.

  1. Keeps You From Going Hungry

Nutrisystem works because it keeps you full. With fewer bouts with hunger, you’re a lot less likely to binge on something you’re not supposed to. Meals are perfectly portion-controlled, and, since you eat multiple small meals throughout the day, there are no long gaps between meals.

  1. Very Cost Effective

If you look at other meal delivery programs on the Internet, you could easily spend $500 to $800 a month. With Nutrisystem, the cost of meals is never more than $12 per day.

In fact, you can get all your meals delivered to your house for roughly $240 to $300 per month. Now, that’s affordable!

What Do You Have to Lose?

When getting down to it, what do you have to lose? You can try Nutrisystem and, if you don’t like it, cancel it after a couple of weeks.

The financial investment is low, the time required to follow the plan is minimal, and the results are proven. Give Nutrisystem a try, and you’ll discover that it’s one of the better weight-loss options on the market.

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