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January 24, 2021

How to Organize Small Bedrooms

Living in a populous area comes with problems like compact spaces and small rooms. You have so much to store in such a little space that you might have to unwillingly give away some of your belongings because you can’t afford to move to a larger place. Well, how would you feel if we told you that you don’t necessarily have to throw or give away any of your favorite stuff? It’s just a matter of organizing things properly.

If you are struggling with organizing a small bedroom, check out these superb tips by expert organizers.


Only Include the Essentials

The key to keeping your bedroom uncluttered and organized is to include only whatever is necessary like the bed, nightstand, and a place to store your clothes. You can use the existing furniture to serve multiple purposes, such as by using the nightstand as a bedside table or a dressing table. Find ways to avoid crowding up your bedroom as much as possible. Take a minimal approach while buying furniture and while arranging things in your bedroom. It’s easy to pile things on a table. Develop a habit of putting the clothes in the cupboard, the mug back in the kitchen after drinking your coffee, or the book back on the rack after you’re done reading. Always make sure to put things back into their place to make it look less cluttered and more organized.

Keep Things Where They Belong

Tidying your bedroom daily will help you get a better night’s sleep and you’ll wake up with fewer things to worry about. If you regularly do your laundry then chances of them piling up will be next to zero. When you think about it, if you iron and hang the clothes right after they’re washed, you’ll have fresh clothes whenever you need them. When you’re arranging your closet, assign different drawers and sections for different things. Put the clothes that you wear regularly at the top and the least worn clothes at the bottom of the closet. Stack away undergarments, socks, and handkerchiefs in a separate drawer. You’ll find both pairs of socks every single time!

Invest in Foldable Furniture

The best way to optimally utilize the available space in your bedroom is by investing in foldable furniture. You can save a lot of space by fixing a wall-mounted table and using a foldable chair. That way, you will have a worktable inside your bedroom that occupies just a fraction of the space a regular workstation would have taken. You can give your furniture a more personal touch by getting customized printed fabric for the curtains and the pillows. Expert decorators at visionbedding.com explain that matching your fabrics with customized flooring options can add a cozy touch to your bedroom. Another great way to make some extra space in your bedroom is by buying a Murphy bed, a bed that folds into the wall or turns into a couch. Space-saving furniture allows you more flexibility when it arranges other items in your room.

Hang Shelves

If you don’t have enough space in your cupboard to store your books, magazines, medicines, or makeup, you should use wall shelves. They are easy to fit and have good storage capacity. And since they are fitted on the wall, you can have them placed anywhere. You can use a floating shelf in your cupboard’s upper portion to create an extra compartment. Additionally, you can make use of hangers to hang overcoats or shirts. Hangers can even be put on walls or behind the doors for extra spots to hang your clothes. All in all, you can take advantage of the vertical space available to you with the help of wall shelves, hangers, hooks, and other similar items.

Utilize the Space Under Your Bed

The largest portion of your room is probably covered by the bed. It is therefore wise to buy a bed that has storage space within it because it greatly helps in decluttering your closet and the floor. Depending on the available space you can store so many things under your bed that you use quite occasionally. Suitcases, trunks, old clothes, boxes, books, and so much more can be stored under the bed. Although, make sure to clean and dust the storage space regularly to avoid any damage to the things stored in it. With more storage comes more responsibility!

Discard the Unnecessary Items

We all have attachments to different items that we find difficult to part ways with. Even though we don’t use those items anymore, we tend to cling to the feeling of familiarity about them. It is good to cherish memories, but utterly unwise to drag them with yourself wherever you go. Say your farewells and dispose of everything that isn’t useful to you anymore. Remember that the lesser things you have in your room, the longer it’ll take for the room to become messy again. Regularly spend some time to dispose of receipts, food packages, bottles, or other items that accumulate over time. With fewer things cluttering the space, your room will emit a calming vibe that you’ll fall in love with.

Stick to Your Strategy

If you’ve decided to make your room decluttered and organized, doing it once won’t suffice. You’ll have to keep a check on the things and arrange things whenever required. Constant vigilance is the only way to live comfortably and calmly in a small bedroom. Stick to the regime of regularly cleaning, dusting, and arranging everything. It isn’t as difficult or boring as it sounds. Once you fall into a habit of organizing things in your bedroom, you’ll realize that returning home to find a tidy bed and a clean room is so much more relaxing!

Carrying unnecessary baggage in our lives and our bedrooms is not a wise thing to do. That said, it would be wise to declutter your mind and living space from unwanted thoughts and objects regularly. It takes about 21 days to fall into a habit, but you’ll feel good every day if you keep your bedroom organized!

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