August 15, 2018

How to Maintain Your Mattress Properly

If you’ve spent a lot of money on your mattress, you’ll no doubt want to work at maintaining it properly throughout its lifetime. Fortunately, there are several effective ways you can do this, without taking up too much time.

All it takes are a few simple steps which you can work at making a regular habit, and your mattress should remain as new as the day you bought it for many more years to come.

Strip Your Bed Down Every Morning Rather Than Make It Up

First thing in the morning, or after you immediately wake, rather than making the bed up, why not strip it down instead? Your mattress has played host to you for many hours as you’ve slept, more if there’s two of you, and consequently, it could do with a good airing before you next hit the bed again.

This is particularly relevant if you have a mattress for heavy people, which will be thicker in construction and need regular airing. This can also apply to the memory or foam mattresses which are denser in makeup and work better when aired regularly.

Rather than wake and immediately make your bed up for the evening, why not strip the bed or fold down the covers to allow the mattress to dry naturally and breathe during the day?

Keep Your Bedroom Ventilated and Allow in Any Sun

A well-ventilated room ensures that your mattress can breathe. Add to this some rays of sunshine, and you can naturally dry out your mattress and bedding while ridding of any dust mites and allergies present.

If you can keep a small window open during the day and let in some fresh air, you allow the air in the room to circulate, and this, along with a stripped-down mattress, provides for a much healthier bed surface.

Vacuum Your Mattress Each Time You Vacuum Your Home

Though it may seem strange to many to physically vacuum a bed, all mattresses will become dusty, and when you add the various particles which human beings lose during the night, as in dead skin cells, the only way to remove such debris is to vacuum it.

You can also sprinkle something like lavender or rose for example over your bed before vacuuming, therefore keeping your mattress smelling good as well as looking and feeling good!

Keep a Mattress Cover Under Your Sheet to Continually Protect It

Mattress protectors aren’t just for younger children, in fact, they are recommended for all mattresses due to their ability to maintain it for a more extended period of time.

By developing a routine, the mattress cover is the first thing you place on your bed when making it up, you work at protecting the mattress from accidents on the bed, including that morning cup of coffee! You can also work at keeping the dust mites off the mattress itself.

If you tend to sweat during the night, a mattress protector will also ensure your mattress doesn’t absorb any of this.

Wash and Replace Your Bed Sheets as Often as You Can

Though this is a subject still open for debate, on average, people tend to change their bed covers on a weekly basis. However, if you want to maintain your mattress, then look at changing them immediately when you see they are starting to look a bit grubby.

This could mean every few days but certainly no longer than a few weeks. By changing your sheets on a regular basis, you work at preventing as much outside dirt from reaching and collecting on your mattress.

Not only do clean sheets make a mattress more comfortable to sleep on, but they also prevent your bed from becoming a breeding ground for those pesky dust mites.

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