How to Look After Your Eyes in Spring

It’s springtime, the weather is improving and the days are getting longer. Soon, the flowers and trees will be blooming, and Prague will be alive with the likes of the Easter Markets and Half-Marathon.

Yes, it’s a glorious thought of being able to emerge from the darkness of winter and into the light of spring and summer but, for some of us, with springtime also comes allergies and exposure to bright light, which can affect your eye health.

There is a range of things we can be doing to maintain our vision quality, many of which have a springtime feel. Cooking, and therefore eating, allows you to choose foods which keep your eyes healthy, such as fish, vegetables, and citrus fruits. These happen to be refreshing choices, ideal for a big family meal on a spring evening.

Nevertheless, if you are prone to poor eyesight anyway, and have to wear glasses, you certainly don’t want to risk making your eyesight worse, so it’s a good idea to protect your eyes, especially as spring comes around and there are more daylight hours. Therefore, making sure you have your glasses on you is important to keep your eyes as strong as they can be, not just monitoring what you eat.

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However, you want to make the most of spring, whether that’s doing a spot of traveling or playing sports. Therefore, glasses are not the most practical of eyewear, so contact lenses make for a useful alternative, yet still give you crisp, clear vision. For those of you who can’t get enough of the better weather and crave the outdoors, you can get daily lenses to wear. This avoids the possibility of glasses getting broken during exercise, as well as saving you time and energy because you don’t have to search for that glasses case before you go out.

Did you know that contact lenses were invented in Czechia?

Contact lenses also pose the advantage that you don’t need to go to the opticians every time you need new ones. If you break your glasses, for example, you should really go to the opticians to get frame measurements, whereas ordering contact lenses without a prescription is available from Vision Direct – just fill in the details from your last box of contacts.

Purchasing the best contact lenses out there means that you don’t have to splash out on prescription sunglasses either. You can protect your eyes from UV rays, therefore, not damaging your eyesight, but, because you already have contact lenses, you can choose from a greater variety of sunglasses, even if it that’s just from a local shop, instead of having to switch between glasses and prescription sunglasses during the day. You could even buy lots of cheaper sunglasses in different styles to suit your mood or what you are wearing that day.

To sum up, there are plenty of ways to look after your eyes during springtime. Food, glasses, and sunglasses all have their positives. It’s fair to say though that contact lenses are a strong contender though when it comes to everyday life practicality and, of course, eye health. Why are we liking contacts so much? Well, they were invented in the Czechia.

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