How to get the best from a spa break

Spa visits should be relaxing and refreshing. The whole idea of a spa visit is to feel less stressed and more relaxed as you leave the spa at the end of your treatment. There are multiple things that you might think of or remember during your visit to the spa. These might hamper your spa experience.

A lot of people who are first-timers at spas are reluctant to visit the spa out of intimidation or apprehension. We’re here to allay some of those apprehensions. There are several things that you should expect from a spa visit, but a little extra help on getting prepared is always a plus point.

Let us see how you can get the best from your spa break.

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Don’t be late:

Most spas are heavily booked from Thursday to Sunday. If you have an appointment during these days, always try to make it on time. This will give you enough time to settle in and change to feel comfortable and get the most of your visit. Many spas insist on guests arriving 15 minutes before the booked time so that guests are able to relax before they change and enter the treatment rooms with their appointed technician. Being late might also reduce your treatment time without getting a reduction in the cost of service.

Book your appointment in advance:

Almost all spas work only with advanced bookings. Book your spa session a few days before your preferred date and select the treatment you feel you would benefit the most from. Many spas have various treatments for different ailments, stress relievers, bridal spas, herbal spas, and so on. Once you are satisfied, book the spa treatment that suits your requirement. Enquire about the cost of treatment over the phone or email and don’t be shy in requesting a breakup of the costs if they are too high or too low. Getting all this information in advance will help you prepare for your spa break in a systematic manner.

Prepare a list of questions:

When you contact the spa for the first time, you should be prepared with a list of questions that you might have. If you have any questions or queries related to price, cancellation policies, deposits, time schedules, treatments available, sizes of rooms, privacy policies, exclusive discounts, spa packages, and so on, you should get them all cleared via email or telephone before your appointment. Having your queries answered in advance would be ideal for making your spa break a stress-free one.

Be aware of tips:

Most spas don’t have a set tipping policy. If you are happy with your experience and treatment, you can show your gratitude by tipping the technician that attended to your treatment. The standard norm for tipping is approximately 10% of the gross rate of the treatment or package. You do not need to consider any taxes that are levied for the tip that you may give your spa technician. You can hand your tip directly to the technician before leaving the treatment room or put it in an envelope with the technicians’ name at the reception.

Specify your requirements for your appointment:

If you are allergic to any scents or oils, be sure to mention them while booking your treatment. Many spas use a set of oils and aromatherapies to help clients relax. If you are uncomfortable with the oils or smells, be sure to mention it in advance so appropriate precautions can be taken for your visit. The same goes when you confirm your therapist or technician details. Many women prefer female therapists and are uncomfortable with members of the opposite sex. Be sure to verify these details while booking your appointment.

Essentials to take with you:

If you want, you could carry a lightweight robe and a thin swimsuit. Most guests are required to disrobe before the start of the treatment and are covered with a large towel to protect modesty. During your treatment or massage, only those parts that are being massaged will be uncovered. You could also carry cash to tip your therapist once you’re done. Another thing to remember is to keep a light shawl for later since there might be a drop in temperature after an evening spa treatment.

Make the most of your spa break by researching on the spa of your choice and reading guest reviews beforehand. Always remember that your spa experience should be rejuvenating and restoring.

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