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September 19, 2017

How to Choose the Best Clothing for Yoga Workout

Waking up with the first ray of the sun, you leave your house all pumped up for an intense workout session. It can be somewhere on a beach with a breathtaking view or in your small garden with a fresh breeze. As you start working out, instead of feeling all energized, all you start thinking about is your sweaty outfit that is sticking to your body and making the whole experience a torturous exercising session.

Most of the yoga enthusiasts or workout lovers can relate to the situation where they are unable to deliver their optimum performance due to their poor choice of workout clothing. Many people make the mistake of putting on a light cotton shirt thinking it would do the job. But they end up stuck in their sweat, as cotton works poorly, especially during summers. Whereas, in winters, the poor ventilation of the cloth freezes them to spine. Therefore, appropriate workout clothing is equally important as the workout session itself.

Getting into the technicality of the yoga fabric can be a little confusing, especially with so many options available in the market. So, if your search for workout clothing is still on, then put it to rest, because we are spilling all our secrets on how to choose the best yoga fabric and clothing for the workout.

Below is the list of things you need to consider before choosing yoga fabric and workout clothing.

● The workout environment

Before you put your shoes on to go to a yoga shop and buy the right yoga fabric, take a good look at the place where you perform the exercise. If you prefer doing yoga under the sun, then you need to choose the fabric that protects you from UVA and UVB, so that you do not get sunburnt. But if you workout in a cold or windy environment, then try to find clothing that is layer-able and warm.

● Is the fabric comfortable?

Once you have decided what type of cloth you are looking for, move on to the next step. Ask yourself whether the cloth you have chosen is comfortable or not? As you are looking for workout and yoga fabrics, comfort is something you cannot compromise on. Therefore, make sure the fabric is very soft and has no rough texture to it. Also, ensure that it does not irritate your skin when it rubs against your body.

Instead of focusing on the size of the clothes, pick outfits that fit you the best. Most of the yoga outfits are usually more fitted than regular size clothes. Always buy workout clothes that have less percentage of spandex in them so that they can fit you comfortably instead of being skin-tight.

● Stretchy and flexible

If the fabric you chose lacks flexibility and elasticity, then you should probably move on to something else. Being a yogini, you would definitely want the fabric that stretches and moves with your body as you perform your yoga poses. You will not want to buy something that stays stiff and limits your body movement during workout sessions. Try to look for fabric that is stretchable yet breathable. You can go for Bamboo or Merino wool if you want flexibility and durability in one cloth.

● Sweat it out

Working out without sweating seems impossible and the more you sweat, the more you shed! The workout sweat may feel great in the beginning but as you keep going on the sweat can turn your exercise into a stinky misery session. It can be avoided if you make the right choice when buying yoga fabric. So, if you perspire a lot then choose fabric like polyester or any other synthetic material that will keep you sweat-free in summers and warm in winters. Make sure the fabric is lightweight and breathable so that it eases the ventilation process.

● Spice it up

With technological advancement, there is now a variety of yoga and workout outfits available to choose from. It depends on your workout routine and how you want the new technology to incorporate into your workout session. For instance, if you prefer doing yoga at night or want to meditate in the dark you can purchase the new glow-in-the-dark leggings or shorts. Similarly, if you are into hiking and climbing then buy an outfit that has permethrin, which works as a natural insect repellent.

So, now you know the list of things you need to keep in mind before you buy yoga outfits and clothing for working out. In the end, it does not matter what color you buy or what size you fit in, feeling yourself is the key to a power-packed workout. If you know how to carry yourself, then you know how to slay every workout session!

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