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How to Care for Your Aging Parents When You Are Working

It’s a busy world out there. You have to meet your deadlines at work, run your business and take your kids to school not to mention build relationships. It is even more exhausting if you have elderly parents to look after. How do you ensure that every piece falls into place and still get time for yourself?

Well, one of the easiest ways to ensure your aging parents get the care they deserve is to book them into a nursing home. Even then, you should get the basics correct to make sure that the entire process goes on smoothly. These pointers will come in handy.


1. Consult Your Family Members

You are not going to wake up one morning, call your parents and tell about your plans to take them to a nursing home. You have to involve your family members (including your parents) before reaching a conclusive decision. At the very least, you want to make sure that everybody agrees with your suggestion.

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2. Consider Your Parent’s Needs

What does your old man want? Is he better off staying at home close to family members or in a nursing home where he can mingle with other seniors? Analyze your parent’s ability to do simple tasks such as bathing, cooking and cleaning the house. Can they drive around? Do you have to remind them to water the plants? The more you understand your parent’s situation, the easier it is to determine whether they can live independently or if they need assistance.

Most importantly, you will be able to select a nursing home that can take care of specific needs if you decide that’s what best for your aging parents. Remember, injury or illness in a nursing home occurs due to neglect by careless staff. You should, therefore, ensure that the facility that you choose for your parents offers nothing short of stellar care, attention, and safety.

3. Pull Recourses Together

Nursing homes can be expensive. Depending on your location, you may end up paying up to $205 per day which translates to $6,235 per month. The figures can go as high s $299 every day or $6,965 per month. The numbers are staggering, right? Plus, government medical assistance and regular health insurance don’t cater for long-term care such as expenses for assisted living.

So, before you even decide to take your parent to a nursing home, make sure that you have the finances to do so. Consult your family members and siblings to see how best you can share the cost. If the burden is too much to carry, consider selling some of your parent’s properties. Also, look into their retirement savings, pension, Social Security and any other venture bringing in some income. Of course, will have to determine how long the resources will last.

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4. Don’t Forget to Give Your Parents Emotional Support

Sure, you may take your dad to the best nursing home, but that’s not enough. He still needs you to support him emotionally during the transition period. Saying goodbye to friends, neighbors, grandchildren, and other family members can take a toll on your old man, and you don’t want him to break down. Show your elderly parents love and take time off your busy schedule to visit them.

The Bottom Line

It’s not easy to come to terms with aging and mortality. The thought that your aging father or mother will no longer see their family members and close friends every day can be too much to bear. So, be careful when choosing a nursing home for your old parent. At the very least, you want to book them in a facility that offers almost the same care they’d get at home. That way, you’ll go about your daily business with the peace of mind that your parent is in good hands.

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