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March 20, 2019

How Not To Let Snoring Destroy Your Relationship

Being in the relationship itself is quite a challenge, but being in a relationship with a snorer is even harder. The same problem every night puts a great strain on the relationship. It disturbs both partners’ sleep. As a result, they feel exhausted during the day.

Snoring also leads to frustration between the couple since partner who can’t sleep well tends to blame a snorer. According to research conducted by Ohio State University, partners who don’t get at least seven hours of sleep tend to fight more. No wonder, restless nights lead to negative mood. It makes partners irritated and hostile towards each other.

Snoring is also associated with different health risks such as chronic headaches, fatigue, obesity, and heart attack. So, both partners should take this issue seriously and work on it together. Let’s see how simple rules of sticking to a healthy diet, using snoring devices and sleeping on the side can rescue the relationship and bring intimacy back.

Sleeping separately?

Of course, the snorer can get married to a deep sleeper who easily falls asleep and does not wake up even to aircraft noise. However, it doesn’t look like that in most cases. The latest survey by the National Sleep Foundation shows that 25% of couples are forced to sleep separately to get proper rest during the night. Sleeping in the separate beds will not eliminate the problem though. It can only lead to other relationship issues, such as an issue with intimacy.

Also, sharing the bed during the night is considered healthy. It lowers blood pressure and reduces stress and tension because sleeping next to each other drops one’s cortisol level (a steroid hormone). More than that, it also helps to build trust in the relationship on the subconscious level. So, escaping the bedroom is never a solution.

Have a dialogue

Some snorers don’t remember waking up during the night. It doesn’t mean they sleep deeply. It is just they fall asleep pretty fast, and their brain doesn’t react to produced noise. So, snorers can wake up, but they just don’t realize it. It can be compared to leaving a TV on. People who got used to its sound can sleep the whole night without waking up.

That’s why it is essential to have a dialogue with a snorer and explain what is happening.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that snorers can’t control their snoring, so they do it not on purpose. Let’s not forget that snorers can also get frustrated. So, both partners need to admit that there is an issue and work on it together as a team. The bride and groom promise ‘to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse’ for a good reason.

Snoring Treatment

1. Stick to healthy eating

Being overweight can cause snoring in some cases. Weight can squeeze the diameter of the throat and lead to producing ‘thunder noise.’ There is also a connection between weight and heart diseases. Obese adults are more likely to have a heart attack. So, taking care of the physical condition is essential. Both partners need to eat healthily and exercise daily. It can boost snorer’s confidence and put the sexual spark back in the relationship, and, most important, it can help partners to stop snoring and get proper rest.

2. Say ‘NO’ to bad habits

Drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes before going to bed can also cause snoring since such bad habits increase muscle relaxation. Another ‘bad habit’ is forgetting to drink enough water. Being dehydrated leads to sticking secretions in the nose and causes snoring. Men need to drink approximately sixteen cups of water per day. Meanwhile, women require nearly eleven cups.

3. Sleep on the side

When snorer sleeps on his back, soft palate and the tongue collapse to the throat, and it leads to snoring since the airways are blocked. Snorer should consider sleeping on his left or right sides to prevent it. Partners are welcome to direct snorers and help them to get used to sleeping on the side rather than on the back.

4. Try snoring devices

At the moment there are a lot of effective snoring devices in the market that can prevent airway blockage. It can help to treat snoring without medical surgery. Snorers can choose any kind of device they feel comfortable with. For instance, there are mouthpieces, anti-snoring nasal sprays, pillows (it can stimulate throat), and chin straps (the ones that keep mouth closed during the night) are the some of the best anti-snoring devices.

At this point, 45% of adults are snorers. It doesn’t only cause different health problems, snoring also disturbs partners’ sleep and leads to fights with loved ones. That’s why both partners need to take care of each other’s sleep and have a dialogue to solve this problem and get back to cuddling during the night.

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