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July 5, 2019

Engagement Rings Trends of 2020

With so many options, it’s understandable that people find it difficult to decide upon a model of engagement ring. There’s never too early to start looking for one, and if you are planning to pop the question soon, it’s essential to know what the trends will be in 2020. To help you find the right diamond, we put together a list of the hottest engagement rings trends you will see the next year. Some modern styles, some classic models and some unique shapes, no matter the preference, you’ll find something to help you ask the big question.

Oval Diamonds

Oval rocks have a softer look than sharp-edged ones; they are more versatile and can be surrounded by other smaller gems. Most of the models you will see in 2020 will have a central oval stone, east-west oriented, surrounded by colored gemstones. Oval stones are perfect for busy people, they preserve better than princess cut ones because they don’t chip at the edges.

When placed north-south, oval diamonds make the hand and fingers to look elongated. Hailey Baldwin and Blake Lively are some of the celebrities who are wearing oval diamond engagement rings.

Half-Moon Shaped Diamonds

The ones who want to offer something unique, a piece that will definitely stand out can choose a half-moon shape. These stones are sleek and elegant, perfect for a strong woman. You will see in stores models with a center gem surrounded by two half-moon diamonds, or a single bigger half-moon on a simple gold band.
If you want something opulent, this model of engagement ring also comes with a larger stone in the middle and multiple delicate diamonds on the halo, to intensify the beauty of the main stone.

Asymmetrical Stones

Asymmetrical diamonds are more popular than ever. People want unique engagement rings, and as every asymmetrical diamond comes in a different shape, they are perfect for the meticulous lovers. While some stores have a great collection of asymmetrical stones, many ask their clients to design the model, and they deliver it.

The mismatched diamond is always the choice of a modern aesthetic, of the one who is focused on intricacy. More and more jewelry stores have started to explore with asymmetric diamonds and gemstones because they are always looking for ways to break the limits of stone design.

Most of the models available in 2020 will have a mismatched diamond guarded by two bands, one on the top and one on the bottom. The bands not only that support the asymmetric stone, but they also highlight its unique form.


Multi-Stone Rings

If a single-stone ring is not what you are looking for, then in 2020 many jewelry stores will present multi-stone rings. Prince Harry may be the one who brought the multi-stone engagement ring in trend when he decided to offer Meghan Markle a three-stone band. Because many people will want to buy a ring similar the one The Duchess of Sussex is wearing, designers will probably create numerous variations of rings having a central stone surrounded by two gemstones. Most of the models will have a central cushion diamond flanked by two colored sapphires.

You can use your creativity to design a ring similar to the one Prince Harry created. You may not be able to travel to Botswana to source the diamond yourself, but you can collaborate with a provider of diamond rings for women to find the perfect stone for your loved one.

Cushion Cut Rings

Cushion cut diamonds are not a new trend, many celebrities have popped the big question with a cushion ring. It’s the second most popular shape in the USA, the round shape is still number one.

Round stones are very popular because they are some of the most expensive stones, and people want to offer something exclusive when they ask their partner to marry them. Luxury engagement ring designers state that every cushion-cut stone is slightly different from the other ones, and this makes them special.
Cushion cut diamonds look great on both white and yellow gold. While people prefer white diamonds for other shapes, the cushion-cut is beautiful in many colors, from pink to yellow.

Colored Stones

In 2020, many engagement rings will come in pops of colour. Sapphire engagement rings have always been popular, especially since Prince William asked Kate to marry him with a sapphire ring. If you want to buy a traditional model, you will find in stores sapphire stones flanked by small diamonds.

You will also see some modern interpretations of the classic sapphire stone; some rings will come in multiple-sapphires, while others will mix multiple colored gemstones for a beautiful effect.
For 2020, we predict that colored engagement diamonds will grow in popularity. You are still offering a diamond, but you are offering a unique one. And should we mention that colored gems are more expensive than clear ones?

And if a colored diamond is not what you are looking for, then you will also find engagement rings with colored bands. If the band is encrusted with gems, you can choose whatever color you want.

Pink Engagement Rings

For feminine women, pink engagement rings may be the right choice. Rose gold and pink gemstones have started to gain popularity since the millennial generation has started to pop the question. Jewelry stores state that in 2020, the number of rose gold engagement rings will be as large as other types of gold. The most interesting model’s combine rose gold with pink gemstones. The love for colorful stones is no longer a surprise for anyone. Since celebrities have started to promote colored jewelry, everyone seems to want one.

Pink is a feminine and delicate color, it comes in numerous shades, and women appreciate a man who pays attention to details. Offer her a pink engagement ring only if she loves this color. Pink diamonds are quite rare, so if you afford to buy one, it can be a good investment because the prices are climbing.

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