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April 9, 2019

10 Creative Gift Ideas for the Festive Seasons like Eids

As the Eid season looms large over us, it is about time we started thinking of the best gifts to hand over to our friends, family & colleagues. The spirit of Eid is essentially one of celebration, sharing, and gift-giving. Not only is gift giving a polite thing to do, but it is also considered by many Muslims to be traditional and obligatory. Of course, you don’t want to clean out your pockets for your gifts. Still, every little effort is appreciated.

Gifts typically symbolize appreciation, honor, and respect. However, while there are traditional items like clothes and food items to gift your loved ones, it might sometimes feel like you’ve gone around everything else and just want something different. We have sourced around and found some really creative gift ideas you could implement during the next Eid season.

1. Handcrafted clothes

While clothes are typically traditional gifts, you can go a tad above tradition by putting some thought into the clothes you gift your friends. A hand-crafted blouse or top by a skilled artisan will appeal to a vast majority of persons, giving them the feel-good factor as they wear it and think of you.

2. Jewelry and accessories

Hijab accessories have become a much-heralded trend amongst many younger Muslim women today. But they are hardly new to the scene. Jewelry and accessories have always made for excellent Eid gifts for females. Get your female friends beautiful and unique budget friendly hijab pins and accessories. Or you could go for more traditional accessories with a modern twist to them for your sparkle-loving friend.

3. Spices

Gifting is a lot more special when you consider the particular needs of the recipient. Got a friend who is particularly interested in upping her culinary skills? Got an aspiring chef around you? Put in the work to purchase a variety of beautiful spices that could do their cooking a world of justice. Rare spices like the “souqs” of the Middle East which contain many different and rare spices are especially beautiful.

home decor art work

4. Home décor and artwork

Many of us are enthralled by a beautiful piece of art. We love it. If you’ve got a friend who appreciates the inked creativity of artists, a nice abstract or landscape painting will make for a great gift. Want to delve even deeper into home décor gifting? Consider getting intricately styled products such as pillows, mason jars, and dishes, that would adorn anyone’s home.

5. Personalized gift cards

Gift cards that show heartfelt appreciation for your relationship with the recipient are always a welcome gift. If you choose to gift someone with cards, though, avoid the ones with already printed generic messages. You can get an empty one and fill it out. On the other hand, online stores abound today that can help you print a very personal message onto your chosen card design, in your preferred colors and style.

6. Succulents

Potted greens strategically placed in a living room not only enhances the beauty of the space, but it is also known to promote creativity and relaxation. Before gifting anyone with potted plants, make sure they are pretty plants that could survive intense weather conditions of the period and inconsistent care. The latter is particularly important when gifting persons not used to gardening.

7. Electronics

These may not necessarily be traditional gifts, but that is the idea behind creative gifting. Make a mark by gifting your loved one an electronic gadget for their enjoyment. Before gifting any electronics, be certain it is one that will be appreciated by the recipient. Fancy gadgets like smartphones, phablets, tablets, laptops, and even game boxes are all great Eid gifts when they serve a purpose to the recipient.

8. Beauty products

We all love to sparkle, feel fresh and smell divine, so why not take out the time to treat a friend to one of your favorite beauty products? Everything from lotions, oils, beard oils, soaps, to beauty oils and even lip balms all qualify as wonderful beauty products gifts. Of course, you want to be careful to get products that do not contain any harsh chemicals that they could react to.

9. Homemade gifts

Are you an artisan, baker, candy maker, jewelry designer? Gifting homemade items is one way to show that you cared enough to leave your personal duties and craft something great for a friend. Whether you are making homemade candy, baking, or crafting lovely jewelry from handmade items, your efforts are sure to be appreciated.

10. Decorative candles

A gift may merely serve the purpose of enhancing the efforts of the host family on a dinner night. Taking decorative scented candles along to an Iftar celebration is yet another thoughtful gesture that is sure to be appreciated.

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