Creative floor lamps
July 16, 2022

Creative Floor Lamps for a Stunning Decoration Piece

Floor lamps are a versatile and charming piece to decorate the living room, office, and bedroom. It is possible to find many creative designs to make your home even more beautiful and stylish.  

The options of floor lamps available are numerous. Options include cinema spotlight, articulated models, or even the more robust lights, such as industrial lighting. All these designs can enhance your decor in the home and achieve a modern aesthetic full of personality. 

The decorative floor lamp highlights any room, whether you have loads or limited space. It will provide an additional light source independent of the other electrical circuits. Just plug the light into the socket for quick access to lighting.

The options are varied, and the creativity is even greater. The perfect choice will be based entirely on your personal preferences, such as the colors of the walls, furniture, and other decorative objects.

With so many options, how do you choose the ideal floor light?

Considering the style of the lamp and its use in everyday life are essential. The color, material, and light bulb are also necessary factors. 

As the floor lamp is, of course, a highlight in the decoration, the idea is that it can harmonize with the colors and textures and still be the center of attention.

cinema spotlights

A design inspired by cinema spotlights

Are you a film enthusiast and want to show this through your decoration, creative and stylish lighting? The cinema spotlight floor lamp can be a good option.  

With a vintage and robust design, this floor lamp brings much more personality to your space, matching beautifully with various styles of decoration and choice of furniture in the room.

Articulated models

Articulated models

The articulated floor lamp fixtures are a versatile and creative option to light your living room and bedroom. 

Articulated lamps can direct their light in different ways and are the perfect option to place next to the sofa, armchair, or bed – particularly ideal as a reading lamp as you can adjust the light to the exact angle you need.

Multidome design

Multidome design

Floor lamps with over two domes can be a good option to generate various light sources for your space.  

With this model, you can choose the direction in which the lights should be directed and leave your room more bright and welcoming. You can direct a beam of light upwards, another to reflect on the wall and the other illuminating the floor. The options are limitless.

Top-down light direction

Top-down light direction

A modern and stylish option is the floor lamps that bring the light from top to bottom. With several models, this type of fixture is ideal for the living room, bedroom or office.

Being a little higher than the other types, this floor lamp has its dome facing down, bringing a directional light towards the floor, ideal for illuminating objects or as a reading light.

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