Can you own a Goldendoodle if you live in an apartment?

April 11, 2021

Goldendoodles have become one of the most popular dog breeds, and there are many reasons behind it! One of them is that they are beautiful, smart, loving, and friendly pets. Another reason is they enjoy near-perfect health conditions throughout their lifetime. However, when health issues occur, you may not be prepared for unexpected costs. That’s why you should consider getting dog insurance at Bivvy.

Also, there is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and having an adorable, furry dog waiting for us, right?

However, one of the top seven questions asked by most Goldendoodle owners is whether or not a doodle dog can live in an apartment?

It is no secret to anyone that raising a dog in an apartment is very different from doing it in a house. It happens as many dogs need the freedom to run around a large backyard while others can live comfortably in small spaces.

But what about a Goldendoodle?

Can a Goldendoodle handle living in an apartment?

The answer is yes! Goldendoodles are very versatile dogs that can adapt to several situations and spaces, including those we consider “small.” Regardless of the size of your home, Goldendoodles can come in and liven the whole place up, thus making your home a fun place to be. It means they can be excellent apartment dogs as long as they follow an exercise routine and have mental stimulation.

Like all dogs, Goldendoodles require their owners to take care of their physical and mental needs. However, they are brilliant pets, which makes them easy to train. Also, they have average exercise needs and can coexist perfectly with other people, including children, and other animals.

That is why Goldendoodles have become excellent dogs for apartment dwellers, even if they are first-time dog owners.

How big do Goldendoodles grow?

Another of the most frequently asked questions about having dogs in apartments has to do with their size.

People often believe that large dogs cannot live in small places. So, when it comes to buying a dog, they seek to decide between buying an adult dog or a puppy dog.

But for Goldendoodles, their sizes aren’t straightforward because it usually varies a lot. On average, standard Goldendoodles generally weigh between 50-60 pounds at maturity.

However, some dogs of this breed can exceed 75 pounds when they finish growing. In either case, Goldendoodles can live comfortably in an apartment, even a very small one.

There are also medium-sized Goldendoodles that barely reach 40 pounds and mini Goldendoodle puppies that can weigh up to 35 pounds at maturity.

Therefore, we can say that raising a dog of this breed in an apartment is not much different from raising any other pet. Goldendoodles can adapt much better to the challenges of living in small spaces than other breeds.

Goldendoodles are excellent indoor dogs

Many say that Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic dogs, and this is because their hair does not shed.

The less loose hair, the better the air quality inside the apartment. For that reason, we can say that almost anyone could own a Goldendoodle in a confined space, especially those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.

Experts say that Goldendoodles inherited the main traits of the parental breeds: golden retrievers and poodles. And such traits are kindness and intelligence.

Thanks to their kindness, Goldendoodles are social dogs that can be around people all the time. Socializing is also a mental boost for them.

Moreover, since they are also very intelligent, they can be easily trained, so you can control those uncomfortable moments where they become destructive or get carried away by frustration.

Many dog ​​owners worry that their pets will be unhappy living in a small place, but this is not necessarily the case with Goldendoodles. Large spaces allow dogs to move more and meet their active needs. But this does not mean that they cannot adapt to living in an apartment. Many large dogs can live full and happy lives in a small space. And the key is training. Do you see why Goldendoodles are the perfect apartment dogs?


Special considerations for dogs living in apartments

As we explained, a Goldendoodle can live in an apartment without problems. However, their owners must take the time to take care of certain aspects. Let’s talk about them!


Goldendoodles are high-energy dogs that can run around everywhere all day. However, this does not mean that they cannot live happily in an apartment. The comfort and happiness of Goldendoodles do not depend on the space as such but on how you, as the owner, make it a suitable place.

You have to go out and play with your pets and take them for a run around the park regularly. If your Goldendoodle is very energetic, take them for a walk to burn off some energy.

Experts have said that Goldendoodles need at least 30 minutes of exercise or play a day!

Crate training

Another of the most important aspects of having dogs at home is crate training, as experts indicate. That’s because many dogs can be very playful and nibble on everything they find if there is no one around.

Therefore, if you live in an apartment and you have to leave your dog alone at some point during the day, crate training is the perfect option for you.

Additionally, training them to stay in crates comfortably will also help you take your dog to other locations when necessary.

Potty time

Finally, we have potty time. Yes, teaching a dog to go to poo in an apartment can be more complicated than in a traditional home. But, again, training is the solution. Also, you should think carefully about the layout of the apartment.

You must designate an area for your dog to go potty. But you have to analyze the space very well. If there are stairs or elevators, going to poo can be tricky, and the path becomes tediously long. Show your dogs where they can poop and show them the course they must follow to get there.

To sum up

Goldendoodles can live perfectly in apartments. However, their owners should put some advice into practice and pay attention to certain aspects to make the adaptation process more straightforward.

You can enjoy the beautiful experience of having a Goldendoodle even if you live in a small space, and here’s how to do it! Make the most out of this information!

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