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Blue Light Glasses
September 15, 2021

Blue Light Glasses – What’s The Hype?

Ever since the Pandemic hit and millions of workers transitioned to telecommuting, blue light glasses have become all the rage. Some users swear by them, while others are convinced they are a hoax and serve as a stylish way to work. In this article, we will explore what blue light glasses do and how they can help your work-life, especially if you are someone who stares at a screen for many hours a day.

What Do Blue Light Glasses Do?

Besides being a stylish addition to your work routine, blue light glasses have many benefits as well. Blue light glasses help lessen the strain on your eyes after a long day of working in front of a screen. They can reduce headaches, improve focus, and even promote a healthy sleep schedule. The science behind blue light glasses is still being reviewed, however, many users have experienced these positive effects after incorporating blue light blocking glasses into their work lives. Essentially, the blue light produced by electronic devices can harm different bodily functions. Blue light glasses work to block and reduce these effects.

Next, we will explore the different benefits you may experience when using blue light glasses while spending time on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Help Improve Focus

Have you ever noticed how after spending hours on the computer, your focus might start to dwindle? The blue light produced by your screen can make it difficult to stay on task, as eye strain and fatigue start to become an issue. Blue light glasses can help improve focus by reducing the harshness of the light produced by your devices, allowing you to work longer and more comfortably. Blue light is everywhere. It can be produced by our television sets, screens in vehicles, and even on billboards around shopping malls. Wearing your glasses doesn’t have to be exclusive to your work life. Incorporating them into your daily routine can help boost the benefits.

Reduce Headaches & Eye Strain

Blue light glasses are also said to reduce headaches and eye strain. As we mentioned before, the blue light produced by everyday devices can cause harmful effects to our eyesight. Too much blue light can cause a symptom called DES, or digital eye strain. Digital eye strain can trigger headaches and migraines, which can significantly interrupt your workday. Wearin blue light glasses and taking regular screen breaks is a great way to avoid these unwanted symptoms.

You might be experiencing blue light headaches if you:

  • Are sensitive to changes in natural light.
  • Experience blurry vision when on or away from a screen.
  • Excessively dry eyes.
  • Pain or tenderness in the eye area.

Improve Sleep

Sleep is crucial for recharging our social batteries and having enough energy to do the things we want to accomplish in our days. Excess exposure to blue light can interrupt your sleep schedule and lead to a disruptive rest pattern. Studies have shown that blue light can lower your melatonin levels, which is the chemical that helps you fall asleep and get a good night’s rest.

We hope this information helps you feel better and become more productive when working on screens.

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