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August 1, 2019

The Many Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

You may have heard the buzz about memory foam mattresses. Many people are praising the benefits of memory foam. You have likely heard that it supports the body better in sleep than a traditional innerspring mattress. Does memory foam really promote deep sleep and comfort, or is it just a more expensive form of mattress?

What is Memory Foam?

Genetic memory is a material designed to mimic a true visco-elastic material like Plasmabed. A lot of memory foams are low density and have minimal if any pressure relieving properties at all. They don’t have the same ability to adjust to the contours of the body’s temperatures and pressure points.

Companies like Plasmabed began working with the new type of foam to try to create a suitable mattress that would better support the sleeping body. These mattresses are made with pressure-relieving material originally developed by NASA to absorb the G-Force of astronauts traveling into space, then perfected by us for sleep.

Plasmabed isn’t like ordinary memory foam, the material is highly supportive of the body while absorbing pressure. You have likely seen commercials that show how memory foam accepts the indent of a person’s hand. Well, with Plasmabed, there is no “memory.” It responds instantaneously self-adjusting as you move to remove the “quick-sand feeling.”

Using our signature Phase-change™ material, these mattresses self-adjust to become softer around the hips and should and firmer around the midsection to promote correct spinal alignment.

While this type of material is obviously quite different than what many are used to sleeping on, why is that a better mattress product than an innerspring mattress?

– Comfort

The primary benefit of memory foam is that it supports the body fully, helping avoid pressure points. You would need multiple mattresses to obtain the same benefits of one memory foam mattress. Plasmabed mattresses have taken this to another level and support the body fully in bed while providing incredible comfort regardless of body type or specific needs.

There is no longer the need to have a mattress that is either flexible enough or firm enough. Most sleepers on memory foam achieve both the desired firmness and the flexibility and softness without either feeling like they are laying on a board or like they are on a cheap waterbed. The feeling is like you are on a soft mattress that totally supports your body with absolutely no sagging. In fact, memory foam mattresses are 30 percent less likely to sag than an innerspring mattress.

Memory foam has become a favorite amongst RVers who are upgrading their rigs and those who are converting vans and cargo trailers to campers. People just can’t stop raving about how memory foam improves their sleep when they are on the road in their RVs because they feel their body is firmly supported in this plush and comfortable space.

– No Motion

Those of us who sleep with partners or larger pets have discovered that memory foam will not move when our sleep buddy moves or gets out of bed. You don’t feel motion from your partner at all. Of course, this also benefits one’s sleep cycle when we are not disturbed by motions as we sleep.

– Pressure-Point Relief

Because your body is being softly but firmly supported, you will not have pressure points that may make your hips, shoulder, or backache in the morning. This has been a real help to people who suffer from chronic back pain. Plasmabed has directed a lot of focus on addressing those who suffer from back pain and soreness. They’re constantly innovating their pressure-relieving technologies allow more chronic pain sufferers to experience relief and improved sleep.

Also, because the memory foam mattresses are more resilient, they keep the sleeper’s spine in a very natural position, promoting better sleep and better health. Because sleepers’ bodies are supported in a natural sleep position, they often report that they toss and turn less – another factor in the promotion of deep and rejuvenating sleep.

– Durability

Memory foam mattresses will last from 10 to 15 years; much longer than the recommended lifespan of other mattress types. The Plasmabed mattress will last even longer and even offer a 20 years warranty.

– No Dust Mites

Innerspring mattresses are notorious for collecting dust mites and allergens inside all the empty space amongst the spring. This can often affect users who suffer from allergy-related issues such as asthma. This problem is entirely eliminated with memory foam mattresses because the latter doesn’t have any void spaces that allow dust mites to nest and make a home. Plasmabed mattresses actually have a completely washable dust mite proof cover, which virtually eliminates dust-mites and is hypoallergenic.

Plasmabeds come in many different models, depending on the user so that they can fine-tune it to what best suits their individual needs. The individual layers of the mattress are slightly adjusted to be most beneficial to a variety of different types of sleepers.

One drawback of memory foam mattresses is that they sleep “hotter” than other types of mattresses. Plasmabeds have addressed this by incorporating open-cell Perma-layer™ material and Coolfoam technology that promotes better airflow through the mattress. The company also offers memory foam pillows and other sleep accessories that promote restorative, comfortable, and peaceful sleep.

Because sleep is so essential, Plasmabed has taken its mission to create the best possible mattress very seriously. Through research and development, they’ve taken the conventional and made it revolutionary. With unparalleled comfort & support, while eliminating pressure points & motion transfer in bed, it’s clear why so many people love their Plasmabed.

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