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April 30, 2021

Avoid Sleep Deprivation to Maintain a Healthy and Fresh Heart

A mattress is as important as sleep. One may think that the mattress is only important for good sleep. However, it does much more than that. It decreases stress, anxiety, improves or enhances our mind and body, thereby improving the overall quality of life. To protect our back a perfect sleeping surface is needed. 

While we are sleeping our muscles and ligaments relax and heal themselves. A good sleeping surface ensures that the curve of our body, hips, shoulders, back, ears and spine are aligned. A right mattress can give a sound sleep or sleepless night. 

The material used for the mattress also plays an important role. Warm sleepers cannot sleep on foam mattresses because it retains heat. So, while sleeping when your body temperature rises and the mattress also retains that heat, you will start sweating in the middle of the night. This increases restlessness and fidgeting all night. 

Such people will need a cooling mattress that helps in circulating air from the open grids or material used to make it. However, people whose body temperature drops during their sleep will shiver on such mattresses and will wake up at night because of the cold. Therefore, a person should buy the right mattress to have proper sleep at night. Going through www.newsweek.com will also help

Above all, the type of mattress to be used also depends on the age, body structure, and many other preferences. Experts have been telling us that poor sleep quality contributes to various heart ailments, but you may not realize it until it’s too late. A lack of sleep increases the chances of cardiovascular diseases irrespective of age, exercise habits, weight, alcohol consumption, and smoking. 

We know that when we sleep our body relaxes, therefore our heart rate and blood pressure drops. This gives a break to the cardiovascular system. We all know that poor sleep quality gives way to inflammation, atherosclerosis, and poor oxygen circulation. These are the three main reasons for cardiovascular disorder. 

Let’s discuss these three risk factors properly –


Seven hours of sleep is important to control the regulation of inflammation. Inflammation is an important component to fight against various infectious viruses and to heal wounds and cuts. However, when bad cholesterol accumulates on the heart a pothole occurs, which clots blood flow that causes a heart attack or stroke. 

Oxygen Deprivation 

Sleep apnea obstructs the flow of oxygen in the body. It is said that in the human body the normal oxygen flow during the day is 95 percent to 100 percent while at night it drops. If it is below 90 percent it means you’re deprived of oxygen. Poorly oxygenated blood is the root cause of heart-related death. 


Atherosclerosis is a condition where bad cholesterol and debris accumulate inside arteries causing plaque. With the accumulation of plaque blood vessels thickens making it difficult for the blood to flow. This increases the risk for angina, coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease, and carotid artery disease. 

How to Recognize Sleep Problems?

  • You will wake up with a dry mouth.
  • Feel sleepy, lethargic, or fatigued in the morning after waking up. 
  • Snoring, feeling as if you’ve stopped breathing while sleeping, or gasping for breath, or choking during sleep. 
  • Lack of concentration, and low energy drive.

How to Improve Sleep 

  • It is good to consult a doctor when you feel you aren’t able to sleep properly. They might prescribe you some medicine or therapy, which can help you in better sleep. 
  • There are various therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy that help in sleep disorders. Sleep psychologists and various devices help in getting better sleep, like continuous positive airway pressure devices for sleep apnea. 
  • Obesity is the root cause of various problems along with heart-related issues. One of the best ways of getting good sleep is by reducing weight so that while lying down on the surface your spine and joint aren’t injured due to body pressure. 

There are several other ways of getting proper sleep which can be practiced in our daily life:

  • Avoid caffeine intake an hour before bedtime or any other drink like alcohol that can keep you awake during bedtime
  • Engage yourself in physical activity during the day or early morning for a good and healthy heart. It also helps in getting proper sleep at night.
  • A study has shown that blue light emitted from gadgets makes it harder to sleep. Remove and switch off all gadgets half an hour before your sleep, give rest to your eyes before going to bed. 

Bad night sleep can make you grumpy the next day. So, ensure that you get enough sleep to get up positive the next day.

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