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An Extra Inch is Always Better

Contrary to popular belief, penis size does not matter to many women. This is mainly because the vagina is designed to adapt to every proportion. Therefore, regardless of size, the organ can provide adequate stimulation and pleasure. However, small penis size could lead to psychological distress in men. Sometimes, the small size might overshadow other positive personality traits, like the sense of humor and intelligence. About 95% penises are 5-7 inches when erect, and exercises can further improve the size, according to an article on Psychology Today. Male enhancement & testosterone boosters can also help to a great extent.

For instance, the regular consumption of Viril X can lead to significant improvement in stamina and penis size, according to experts at Top Male Enhancement, an unbiased review site. Self-confidence and performance are also significantly boosted with these pills. However, make sure to check customer reviews, like those for Viril X, first before opting for the supplement. Apart from that, here’s how to increase your average girth and length. 

Practice Stretching 

Good penis size can let you indeed be in the sexual moment. Manual stretching can be an excellent way to lengthen the reproductive organ. Hold it behind the head and pull it downwards. Keep the position for at least 20 seconds. Additionally, massage the skin to create “micro-tears.” When the tissues begin to heal, the penis starts to look bigger than before. To heighten the results, consume two capsules of Viril-X by Dignity Bio-Labs daily with water.

Reduce Abdominal Obesity 

The penis starts to appear smaller due to a big belly. This happens because a thick layer of fat engulfs the shaft. So, when you look at it from above, even the largest penis can look tiny. This could be quite stressful for men, even though it does not necessarily mean impaired function. Staying physically active can help manage the illusionary shrinkage. 

Consider Jelqing

Women who prefer vaginal orgasms or penile-vaginal intercourse do prefer men with a larger size, according to an article on Live Science. Therefore, if your partner has these preferences, jelqing could help thicken your penis. Create an ‘O’ shape with your thumb and index and place your penis inside the ring. Apply mild pressure as you move the fingers towards the tips. Doing this for about 20-30 minutes each day can prove helpful. Additionally, if you have existing medical conditions and wish to consume supplements, do read unbiased Viril X Reviews for the ingredients, dosage, and side effects. 

The Right Diet

Banana, onion, salmon, coffee, spinach, and even chilies can help improve penis size. These foods can boost penile health by increasing blood circulation—better blood flow to the organ results in stronger and larger erections. Onions, in particular, reduce blood clotting, which promotes more blood circulation to the penis. Additionally, make sure to add fresh fruits and vegetables with high amounts of antioxidants in your daily diet. They can boost artery health, enhancing penis growth. 

Men are recommended to learn about their bodies. This will help them take adequate steps to differentiate between real physical issues and those that can be less significant. Additionally, understand the ingredient, dosage & side effects of the supplement and how it works for safe usage. 

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