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September 20, 2020

Accurate Psychic Readings: 4 Things You Should Know About Consulting a Psychic

Curiosity – the desire to explore, understand, know – is a central trait of our species and a powerful drive in our behavior. Or to put it more simply, we humans are curious by nature. It’s this curiosity that has led us to so many important discoveries in science. Still, it’s not enough. We always want to know more, especially when we can’t find a scientific explanation for it.  

For instance, people have been fascinated by the spiritual realm for millennia. We want to know what happens after death, what lies beyond the things we can see, our purpose in this world, and, most of all, we want to know what happens in the future.

This is why so many people consult psychics when dealing with personal problems. They’re looking for some insight that can inform their decisions and prepare them for what’s to come. However, it’s no secret that not all psychics are authentic, so you might wind up giving your hard-earned money in exchange for less than accurate readings. It’s better to do some research, so you know what to expect and how to filter out the fraudsters. Here is our list of four things you should know about consulting a psychic.

There Are a Lot of Fakes

When we said that not all psychics are authentic, what we meant is that there are many fakes, so if you want to get spiritual insights from a clairvoyant, you need to go by credentials. You can either search for them on reputable platforms that verify their psychics or if you want to find one on your own, make sure you search for reviews.

Keep in mind that some of them might have psychic abilities so that they will give you accurate readings, but that doesn’t mean that they ethically conduct themselves. For example, a legitimate psychic will never ask you for sensitive information like your address, bank details, or fish for personal tidbits about family members.

You should also watch out for psychics who promise they can make your rich, save your marriage, cleanse you of curses or sell you any ancillary merchandise that can help you with various aspects of your life. A reputable psychic will also not raise their fee every session as you’re getting closer to the breakthrough they keep promising – that spiritual insight they can only receive under particular circumstances and for a certain fee, but that will make all your dreams come true.

If you come across a psychic that matches the description above, you will probably get a gut feeling that something isn’t right. We suggest you trust your intuition and walk away.

Not All Psychics Are the Same

Although people use some terms interchangeably, you should be aware that there are different types of psychics with different abilities. For example, all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are medium. Think of it this way: all surgeons are doctors, but not all doctors are surgeons.

For example, a psychic can tune in the energy field or “aura” of a person, and based on this; they can make observations about the past and present and predictions. To help them with their readings, they can use various tools such as tarot cards, coffee grounds, and tea leaves. Clairvoyants also have psychic abilities and can make predictions, but they usually have visions that enable those predictions.

Mediums are psychics that can connect to spirits in the afterlife, helping you find closure if you’re having a hard time moving forward with life after a loved one has passed away.

It’s essential to know the difference before booking an appointment because many people will go to a psychic, expecting a completely different service.

Keep an Open Mind  

This might sound like a contradiction because our first piece of advice was to watch out for fakes, so we’ll clarify what we mean. Although a healthy dose of skepticism is recommended, don’t rely on caricatures of how a psychic should look like and behave to evaluate their authenticity.

In movies, psychics are often portrayed as these mysterious and mystical women who come from far-away places, have stereotypical accents, and live eccentric lives. As a result, many people expect to meet with someone covered in beads who talk in riddles and perhaps get their insight from a crystal ball. Movies create these caricatures because they’re entertaining. If you go to a psychic in real life, they’ll look like regular people dressed in ordinary clothes and probably get their groceries from a regular supermarket.

You might also have the preconceived idea that you can tell if a psychic is authentic or not by their ability to give detailed information. For example, you will get the precise amount of money as a bonus next month or the lottery numbers for next week. If they knew the lottery numbers, they would probably buy a ticket for themselves. You have to keep in mind that the information they tell you during a reading comes “through” them, and they don’t have as much “spiritual control” as you’d like them to.

Prepare to Listen

Instead of going by stereotypes, a better way of evaluating a psychic’s authenticity is letting them do most of the talking. Experienced psychics can get insight into your situation by focusing on their senses so they won’t need you to reveal a lot of personal information. They will tell you what they sense. If you overload them with personal information, you will get the opposite result – less clear and accurate readings.

Another disadvantage of talking too much during sessions is that, if you’re dealing with a fraud, they will use this information to bluff their way to a believable reading. Some people are very good at figuring out what you want to hear, and they will tell you exactly that. You may even keep seeing this “psychic” because it feels good to vent and receive reassurance, but that’s all you’re going to get. On the other hand, a real psychic will do most of the talking and may even tell you things you don’t want to hear because it’s what they see, and it’s part of the spiritual guidance they committed to giving you.


  1. I’d love to get in touch with a medium that helps the police . Would it be possible for you to put me in touch with one please ?

  2. I really need help in whether I should move out of state. Also I would like to know more about my finances and how to find my soulmate.

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