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September 1, 2021

8 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Reception Menu

An essential part of the wedding preparation is the menu for your reception. You want to impress your guests and, most importantly, fill and satisfy them to feel energized and be in the mood to have fun for the rest of the event. Here are some tips to consider when planning for the foods to serve at your wedding reception.

Plan ahead

There is nothing more stressful than last-minute decisions, as you may not have the best options or be making the best choices in these situations. Plan ahead for the wedding reception menu to avoid the rush and ensure that you don’t regret your picks. Sit with your fiancé, and list some food choices to include in the menu. You may also go for a specific theme.

Choose your caterer and work closely with them

You probably look through various jewelers and a wide range of engagement ring styles before finally deciding where and which to buy. It’s the same as choosing your caterer and the items for your menu. Look around and get recommendations. Compare your options and select the best one that matches your needs. Once you have a caterer, make sure to work closely with them in developing the menu. Give them your ideas, and listen to their professional recommendations until you come with the final plan. Do not be shy to speak your mind during the food tasting. Bring other people like parents or close friends to hear different opinions during the tasting.

Consider food restrictions of guests

Some guests may have restrictions on specific foods due to allergies, religion, diet, or health conditions. You want them to have something during the reception too. Include a space on your save the date where guests can write down their food restrictions if any. It will help you plan your menu better. Since not everyone may have the same food restrictions, have options for those who do while generally catering to most of your guests. If only a few guests have specific dietary requirements, ask the caterer to prepare a special meal for them.

Keep it within budget

Food is usually one of the most expensive parts of the wedding. However, you don’t want to splurge more than what you can afford. Set a specific budget, and work with your caterer to come with an excellent list without going over your limit. A professional caterer will work on it as they would know the best alternatives and where to source their ingredients.

Consider the season

You may be planning your wedding now, but it may take place in a different season. Take this into consideration when devising your menu to ensure that the foods will also be appropriate. For example, if you are tying the knot in the winter season, add something good for the cold weather, like soup. Think of the ingredients in season to ensure that your caterer will quickly get them, and they will also be available at lower prices.

Choose crowd pleasers

Every guest may have their specific food preference, and it may not be possible to include all of them in your menu. However, some foods are popular with the general palate. You could incorporate them into your list. It will put you on the safe side, as they are commonly crowd favorites. Pizza, salad, steak, and salmon are always popular, so there’s no reason why guests would not love them.

Have a variety of items

Instead of focusing on a three-course meal, have a variety of foods on your menu. The more choices, the better, as you will cater to more people even when they have varying preferences. Plus, it will also be more fun for your guests to try different items and pick their favorites among them.

Do not skip on the presentation

We eat first with our eyes. Food will be more appetizing if they have an exceptional presentation. During the food tasting, talk to your caterer about the plating or how they will serve the foods to ensure they are presentable.

Any celebration will not be complete without food. Follow these tips to ensure that the menu at your wedding reception will fill and satisfy your guests and also fall within your budget.

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