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8 Best CBD Hemp Flower Strains That Will Give You Awesome Results

People all over the world are rapidly becoming aware of the many benefits of CBD hemp flower. After discovering the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), the actual hemp flower (Cannabis Sativa L) has found its way to the spotlight amid a surging market of all sorts of CBD products. While CBD is available in every form from oils, to salves, to bath balms, the pure unadulterated nature of hemp flower along with its therapeutic potency, makes it a popular choice for anyone looking for CBDs reported effects. Over 50 states have currently allowed the massive production, sale, and use of CBD hemp flowers that contain the legal levels of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol as the law states.

Online companies like Cannaflower cultivate and sell a premium CBD hemp flower that is a product of the female hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa L) at maturity. It’s medically useful to lower anxiety and stress levels as an anti-inflammatory, plus many other health benefits. Like marijuana, CBD buds contain the same flavonoids, terpenes, and other components, the only difference is that it has lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compared to cannabis flowers.

For the CBD hemp flower to be legal, it has to contain a high CBD percentage range of about 5% to 20% and a high THC percentage of 0.3%. When shopping for CBD buds online, ensure that you choose a grower that can guarantee their hemp is lawfully cultivated and reaped and has less than THC’s legal levels. Doing some research and falling for a company with excellent customer service and glowing reviews will do you some justice.

Top 8 CBD Buds To Look Out For

All the strains we recommend here are significant. What makes the difference is why you need the CBD-rich flower since they range from uplifting to relaxing effects. Some have unique terpenes for specific feelings, while others have reasonably high levels of CBD contents. Here is a list we compiled to help you decide.


CBD contents- 15%

THC contents-Less than 0.3%

AC Diesel got to the markets for the first time in 2018. It combines the best qualities of the northern California favorite, Sour Diesel, and the sedative ACDC strain. It’s a sedative CBD strain with an intense aroma and high concentration of terpenes to give you a citrus kick backed by a mix of earthy, woody flavor lingering at the back of your mouth at a first taste. The strain is full of positive effects that offer sedative effects and calm your nerves without putting you into unwanted side effects.

Sour Space Candy

CBD content- 17%

THC content-Less than 0.3%

Sour Space Candy hemp flower is the right daytime user’s choice. It’s rich with fresh tropical fruit aromas that spike and yield to summer blossoms and mango aroma with hints of pine that will leave your senses dancing all day. It comes in purple, green, and orange bud with several resin-rich trichomes. The cherries and spicy ripe plums taste in the buds will boost your moods regardless of how you feel and will boost your energy levels during the day.


CBD content- 18%

THC content-0.3%

As the name suggests, the lifter is a real energy booster and the best choice for daytime use. It delivers peaceful energy and a well-balanced ratio of CBD and THC. It comes in a bold aroma, suggestive of everything from lemon zest and pineapple to pine and white paper. It works well to help calm your nerves, elevate your moods while supplying you with clean energy throughout the day.


CBD content-16%

THC content-Less than 0.3%

Elektra is one famous hemp buds that users appreciate for its king’s ransom of aromas. It’s a favorite if you enjoy taking your flower orally. It will specially treat you to a taste of citrusy, sweet, and piney pipe and palate. It works within half an hour and calms you fast without putting you through fruitless hours of inertia.

Frosted Lime

CBD content- 15%

THC content- 0.3%

When you feel your moods too low, this is the partner you need. It’s more suitable for use early in the morning or during the day since that’s the time you need the energy and high spirits to push through. It creates a hype of mood and opens your brain to more creative projects.

Lemon Drop

Average CBD content- 15%

Average THC content- 0.3%

A lemon drop is an all-time favorite premium indoor-produced CBD flower strain that augurs well regardless of what situation you’re in and what commitments you want to have. It has an intense fruity taste that, after a single flavor, perks you up to bring the lively, friendly, and cheerful side of you that hides inside.

Sour Diesel

CBD content-15%

THC content-0.094%

Sour Diesel is one of the most popular CBD flowers that offer a real uplifting and energetic experience. It’s a fast-acting strain that gives you results almost immediately after use. The sour flavor profile comes in handy in awakening your senses and keeping your energy levels at par all day long.

Hawaiian Haze

CBD content-18%

THC content-0.3%

Hawaiian haze is an exotic hemp strain with high CBD levels and a cross between Hawaiian and Haze strains. It’s filled with powerful and fruity relaxing effects that will add flavor to your day. It’s full of a blend of mango and pineapples, and if the taste doesn’t impress you, you have a chance to pick a delicate note of pepper and pine lingering in your mouth.

To get the most out of it, you should use it in the morning and boost your energy levels when you need it much. That’s because it causes close to instant cerebral buzz, linked to increased energy levels.

CBD buds resemble cannabis flowers in both look and smell. That’s why many people use them as an alternative for smoking weed or pot. The advantages are numerous. Alongside fighting anxiety and inflammation, the CBD flowers can also help you deal with chronic pains, insomnia, and muscle spasms, among others.

While all of these strains have become increasingly popular, many people find that they have a few favorites that best compliment their lifestyle. Because the genetics are so young, most people find that all of these strains are generally good for relaxation and easing inflammation to some degree. The differences end up being mostly a matter of personal preference.

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