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6 Creative Ways To Use CBD For Anxiety

Most of us are up on the benefits of CBD, but with the market expanding so vastly, there are so many creative ways to incorporate CBD into your everyday life to help deal with life’s ups and downs. The number of people using CBD oil for anxiety is growing, so the market is responding to that growth and has come up with some pretty amazing products we should all be aware of. We’re all making our journey through life in different ways, so it’s only natural that we all have different preferences to accommodate that journey. Let’s take a look at some creative ways to use CBD to reduce anxiety.

Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Work was insane, the kids are yelling from room to room, and at this point, you need to order them a pizza and get them to bed. Well, after that is taken care of, get that water running and grab some of your favorite scented candles because you’re about to turn your bathroom into a mini-spa with CBD infused bath salts. Not only do they provide you with overall relaxation from daily aches and pains, but many companies have combined essential oils for ultimate relaxation. You can also find something similar to a bath bomb, but t’s all about your preference. All that matters is that you’re able to create a mini oasis for yourself right in the comfort of your own home.

Start Your Day With A Cup of CBD Infused Coffee

For those of us who are die-hard coffee drinkers– let’s face it—the crash is no joke. A few hours later you’re slumped over, staring blankly at your computer screen trying desperately to focus and be productive. I guess that’s why CBD coffee is trending and becoming a big hit. CBD coffee is said to make you more alert and focused compared to a regular cup of coffee and last for a lot longer. So, not only are you cashing in on all those CBD benefits, but you’re getting the coffee benefits, too! You still need to proceed with caution… it’s still coffee…so, if you drink too much, you can end up back on the anxiety train!

H20 CBD, Anyone?

If you haven’t noticed lately, the bulk of the population walks around with a water bottle because they say you’ll drink more if you have it on you. This has proven to be true so why not take advantage of this method by carrying a bottle of CBD water with you? This way, you’re getting a little CBD throughout the day, and the bioavailability (going into your system) is instant! It’s been shown to reduce chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more. So, you’re just upping your water game!

Netflix and CBD Ice Cream

Many of us might have some underlying anxiety right now and not even be aware of it with the country being quarantined and all, and that’s left the bulk of America sitting on the couch binge-watching shows we thought we’d never watch while chomping down some Ben & Jerry’s. 

But, did you know that you could be eating CBD ice cream? CBD ice cream is a great way to kick back and make the most of your downtime. You’ll probably never want that other stuff again!

CBD Beer

I know it’s a drag that most major league sports have been postponed, but at least we still have a beer. Yes, you actually have the choice of regular beer or CBD beer, but it’s been reported that the hangover from CBD beer is not as bad as regular beer. So, drink up… It’s beneficial for you!

CBD Sublingual Strips

This option ranks highly with those who wish to be discreet with their CBD use. You might need some instant relief at work, or who knows, maybe you’re at the DMV and about to lose your mind because you still have 23 people ahead of you. Whatever the case may be, taking CBD sublingually provides you with instant relief because it goes right into your bloodstream.

The market for unique CBD products will do nothing but expand and get crazier, but that’s a good thing for the public because we all gravitate towards different things that can accentuate our lives. If you are suffering from anxiety every day, you don’t have to! There are even options that have zero trace amounts of THC! Just make sure you confirm this with the products lab results. CBD is helpful for way more than anxiety, but we all know, when we suffer from anxiety, it’s all we can focus on. These creative solutions mix the same methods up while still providing us the much-needed relief we seek.

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