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March 17, 2018

5 Useful Tips for Choosing a Water Purifier

The water that we drink determines our health. It is the most basic element of life, and that goes without saying. So, the water that we drink has to be clean, and free of contaminants. Even a little dirt in drinking water can lead to health issues and diseases. This is the reason why it is essential to get a water purifier installed. For many obvious reasons, we are cautious about choosing the best RO water purifier so that we have access to pure drinking water. With so many brands of water purifiers in the market, it might be difficult to choose the best one for your family. The more the number of options, the more confused you get.

Here are few useful tips you need to keep in mind while buying an RO water purifier for your home.

1. Know the Quality of Water That You Get at Home

You need to determine the quality of water that you get in your house first. The kind of purifier that you need depends upon the quality of the water that you get. For example, if the water you get at home is high in TDS and is hard and saline, RO water purifiers are the best for you. So, get the water tested before buying a new water purifier.

2. Know the Type of Water Purifiers Available on the Market

There are different types of water purifiers, namely, RO, UV, and gravity water purifiers, etc. Decide which is best suitable for your needs. Regarding design also, you can get a wall mounted, under-sink, countertop models, and standalone purifiers. Consider your needs and decide the right model.

3. Determine How Big a Water Purifier You Would Need

The storage capacity of the water purifier plays a significant role in helping you choose which model you are going to buy. If your family is large, you would need a water purifier that has a large storage tank of about 10 liters. A smaller one would do for a nuclear family.

4. Know the Level of Contamination of Your Drinking Water

While you get your water tested by professionals, ask them what kinds of germs are contaminating your water. The bacteria, microbes, and viruses in your water need to be killed so that they cannot reproduce. This is why you need to know which kind of water purifier is best suited to fight all germs.

5. Check the Service Support

Water purifiers need to be adequately maintained and serviced from time to time. For that, you will need the assistance of customer care from the brand. So, invest in well-known and trusted brands like Kent that have excellent customer service and are always ready to help. If your water purifier is not serviced correctly, it might stop functioning properly.

As already said, finding the best RO water purifier, UV or UF purifier might be a tough task, but it becomes easy to choose one once you have answers to all the questions. Build a checklist of everything you need to research about. Once you have filtered out all the answers, you can then choose the best water purifier according to your budget.

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