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October 6, 2017

5 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in Yoga Class

Can you relate to the given situation? You wake up every morning, change into your yoga clothes and as you sit down on your yoga mat, instead of feeling all geared up and ready, you just feel like giving up on yoga as it does not make any sense to you anymore. If you have encountered the same absurd feeling regardless of the time you have been practicing yoga, it’s clear that something is wrong.

Yoga is not about stretching yourself on a mat while breathing forcefully. It is a lifestyle in itself. Yoga is a science, a technique that uplifts your body, mind, and soul. Doing yoga not only keeps you healthy but it gives more flexibility and helps you find the inner peace you have been looking for. However, there are times when people give up on their yoga just because things do not feel right to them. There can be several reasons for that, but there are some common mistakes that you might be doing which are turning your yoga session into nightmares.

So here we have brought you a list of the five biggest mistakes you can make in yoga class that will help you to fix things up in no time!

1. Do not stop breathing

One of the most common mistakes that yogis usually make is they forget to breathe attentively. Well, many people would say that how can someone forget to breathe? But that happens in yoga, especially when you are doing a challenging pose. At times to keep the body still yogis usually forget to stay aware of their breathing. However, not breathing results in dizziness as your muscle fibers do not get enough oxygen when you try to do all the challenging poses.

Instead of keeping you still in your position, holding your breath can make you fall. So, it is essential that you breathe throughout the session. Try to take deep breaths as you want your muscles to get full oxygen and if you find it hard then try to keep a count of your breaths till you can do it naturally.

2. Choosing the correct workout clothes

There are times when everything feels right except for your workout clothes, and this mistake pulls you down real bad. If you think that putting on a cotton T-shirt would do the job, then you are mistaken. Always choose an attire that is comfortable. Although cotton is quite soft, it sticks to your body when you sweat, and this is a mistake you want to avoid.

Try to wear something that is soft and does not rub against your skin. Yoga clothes should be fitted but stretchy, therefore, wear something that is stretchable or else you would not be able to perform all the poses and postures.

If you are still confused about finding the right workout clothes, you can choose from a wide range of workout clothing options without even leaving your house.

3. To eat or not to eat?

Planning to lie on the yoga mat with a full stomach? Bad idea. Try to keep your diet minimal just before yoga. People often believe that having a full stomach before the workout will give them more energy and strength. On the contrary, the blood flow is directed from your muscles towards the digestion of the food resulting in less energy for the muscle hence a terrible yoga session. Not only this, a full stomach would not make you comfortable to perform certain poses. But that does not mean you need to starve. Taking a balanced meal with liquids will help give your body the right strength and will keep you refreshed throughout the session.

4. The place where you stand in the yoga class

Like any obedient student, you definitely want to stand in the first row, right in front the yoga instructor. But this is not a very good idea. Standing in front of the class means you have to keep turning back every time the instructor moves around, and this can disturb you. Try to stand in the second last row as from there you can get a better view of the instructors and following the instructions also become easier. And if you miss a step or two you can always turn to your sides for help.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others in the class

As you step into your yoga class you will see a variety of people; some will be experts will others will be trying hard to get things right. You do not have to follow any of them as their bodies are entirely different than yours. So, do not hope for a similar performance.

Do not push yourself too hard. Do not try to do everything in one day this can result in serious injuries. Take breaks and give yourself some time by taking deep breaths and stretching. Tell yourself that you are just doing fine and it will be all good as yoga is all about relaxing, so you clearly do not want to stress about this.

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