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March 13, 2019

3 Stretches You Must Do Every Day If You Work on a Computer All Day

Sitting in front of the computer all day can leave you with some really stubborn pains in your neck and back. Unfortunately, most of these aches and pains are the result of poor posture as hunching over a keyboard all day is really not the best idea. Even though you may not be able to prevent having to sit all day and work on your computer, there are quite a few stretches that you could adapt to your daily routine that can help you avoid those nagging aches and pains in your neck and back. You can also learn some informative tips from the experts at BroScience with regards to exercise, stretches, and a healthy lifestyle.

How often should you take a break?

It is a good idea to set the alarm for every 45-55 minutes to remind you that you need to take a break and stretch a bit. By taking a break and stretching, you will not only be encouraging much-needed blood flow after sitting in the same position for a while, but you will also be able to give your eyes a break from focusing on your computers bright screen. Unfortunately, you will most likely struggle to focus and concentrate on your computer after about an hour, and you may also experience unpleasant headaches and tension. For these reasons, it is extremely essential to take a quick break.

Here are 3 simple, yet effective stretches that you should do every day to prevent unpleasant neck and back pains and increase productivity at the same time.

#1 The chest stretch

chest stretch

This simple stretch is somewhat effortless as it can be done while sitting or standing. All you need to do is gently rest your chin on your neck, straighten your arms and reach behind your back to let your hands meet while your arms are still straightened. Lace your fingers together and slowly lift up until you begin to feel slight stretching in your arms and chest muscles. Hold for at least 10 seconds before releasing and then repeat at least 3 times.

#2 The hip release stretch

hip release stretch

Tight hip flexors, which can be caused by sitting in the same position all day, can lead to shortened muscles and it can cause a relative amount of discomfort that you can avoid by practicing this simple stretch every day. Simply take a quick break and kneel on the floor and step your left with your leg in front of you at a 90-degree angle. Ensure that your foot is flat on the floor and start pressing your hips forward until you can feel your muscles begin to stretch. To maximize the effects of this stretch, you can lift your right hand up, above your head. You should hold this stretch for at least 15 seconds and remember that you should switch sides to stretch your right hip and your left hip at least once each.

#3 The full body stretch

full body stretch

This is a great stretch that will help your entire body to relax a bit while you take a quick break from working on your computer. You should stand up and reach both your arms high above your head to stretch both arms and your back at the same time. Hold in the standing position for at least 15 seconds before resting your arms at your sides. Follow by then reaching both hands down to touch your toes, without bending your knees to stretch your whole body and hold for 15 seconds minimum. To be able to touch your toes without bending your knees properly, you will most likely need to practice this stretch daily. However, it will still be an effective stretch from your very first attempt.

Why is good posture vital if you are working on a computer all day?

Poor posture can lead to a variety of unpleasant problems for your back and neck, and if it is not corrected, it can even lead to a few long-term health concerns and chronic pain in your upper and lower back. Your hips, knees, and even your feet will also eventually be affected by poor posture. Unfortunately, working on a computer all day might lead to poor posture in the form of hunching your back and slouching. By adopting good posture and remembering to keep your shoulders straight and in-line with your hips, you can avoid a lot of aches and pains. Good posture is always important, especially if you are spending most of your day sitting in the same position.

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