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November 29, 2017

3 Reasons You Need Cellogica Day & Night Cream

Cellogica is a popular anti-aging cream specially formulated with a revolutionary technique to provide phenomenal results. Cellogica is designed to enhance the health and overall appearance of the skin. This is achieved by reproducing natural cellular functions that regenerate collagen and promote skin repair. To maximize its effectiveness, Cellogica is available as two distinct creams; one to be used in the daytime and the other during the night. Below are three reasons Cellogica should be added to your skin care routine:

Helps You Achieve Youthful Looking Skin

There are two anti-aging secrets on which Cellogica is based. The first one is Stem Cell Technology, which prevents and eventually reverses stem cells that are lost or could potentially be lost to the aging process. These special stem cells enable the skin to regenerate itself naturally. Additionally, these cells generate a barrier that safeguards the skin against UV rays and other dangerous environmental factors.

As individuals age, regenerative cells decrease in number and are rendered less active. This typically results in certain adverse skin effects commonly linked to aging. Cellogica works to increase the number of these vital cells while assisting them in producing the protective barrier that prevents skin damage from the elements. This delivers a fresher and more youthful appearance.

Mac-5 Complex is the second secret on which Cellogica is based. This proprietary blend of five of the most potent anti-aging ingredients will be explored in detail later.

Helps Protect Your Skin Against Harmful Environmental Conditions

One of the active ingredients in Cellogica is an extract from the Alpine Rose plant. Its purpose is to protect your skin against harmful environmental conditions. The plant is known not only to survive but to thrive in the harshest of weather conditions. PhytoCellTec is used to cultivate this species, and by doing so, anti-aging specialists have been able to isolate epigenetic factors and metabolites to produce the specially-formulated liposomal extract. This extract makes it possible for the stem cells to preserve and protect the skin from harsh environmental elements.

Leaves You Looking Red-Carpet Ready

Cellogica contains Mac 5 Complex, which includes Rona-Flair LPD. As the name suggests, the serum expertly combines five of the foremost anti-aging science ingredients currently available. It has been specially formulated to join forces to soften wrinkles synergistically and fine lines, firm the skin, lock in hydration, and even skin tone. It also shrinks pores and stimulates the production of collagen. These functions all combine to make sure the skin stays fresh, youthful, and looking healthy. This is a ‘red carpet ready’ component designed to diffuse light and prevent human eyes from seeing wrinkles or fine lines on the skin.

How to Add Cellogica to Your Skin Care Routine

Cellogica is available through the official manufacturer’s website. Buying a 30-day supply will save you $69.95, while a 90-day supply will save you $139.90. A 150-day supply will get you savings of $209.85.

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