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the three roses
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Tag teaming the three roses

There’s one thing I must confess, I stopped being excited about every new microbrewery/brewpub that opens in the Czech Republic. On the one hand, because it’s been happening almost as often as corruption scandals among politicians, and on the other hand, because many of their beers aren’t that good. So when I first heard that… Keep Reading

Czech Beer Festival
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Czech Beer Festival News

The new image (see pic below) isn’t the only (and certainly not the most important) change that the fifth edition of the Czech Beer Festival is bringing, there are several others, the biggest of which is perhaps…   The venue: After three years in world’s butt (i.e. Letňany), the Czech Beer Festival is going back… Keep Reading

Quiche recipe
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Cheese please: Quiche recipe

By Jennifer Rigby Learn how to make a mixed fresh vegetable quiche with old Dutch cheese, from the experts at Holandský kluk, or Dutch Boy As spring dawns, thoughts turn to picnics (even if the weather is still a little bit nippy). If you’re in the mood for something a bit more impressive than sandwiches,… Keep Reading

Na Palmě
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Winds of change

I have earned a reputation of someone who knows Prague’s beer scene like few others, something I’m childishly proud of. I’ve even written a book on the topic! (Which a leading beer and travel writer has called “beery bath tub of Rabelaisian wit and wisdom.”) But with the said beer scene being so dynamic at… Keep Reading

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Wine News: Global warming warning

As temperatures rise, some vintners are moving to higher ground Despite the recent very cold spell, it seems our planet is becoming ever warmer, and this is also affecting viticulture in a number of ways. Not all of them are obvious. In such already torrid parts of the world as the Jerez region of southwest… Keep Reading

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Beer minimalism

Those of you who’ve read Prague Post food and drink critic Fiona Gaze’s roundup of the multi-tap pubs a couple of weeks ago already know what I think of it, I love it! On the one hand, because there can never be enough diversity, and on the other, because it’s really cool to be asked… Keep Reading

Specialty pubs in Prague
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Beer News: Multi-tap roundup

Specialty pubs let you pick and choose between brews While the Czech Republic has long been a mecca for beer lovers, it was difficult until a few years ago to find more than just the biggest-name brands at Prague pubs. Today, Pilsner Urquell signs may still be the most common, but there is a happy… Keep Reading

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Absinthe: Unmasking the green fairy

After years of an international ban and a rapid return to mass marketability, small distillers of absinthe are returning the drink to respectability Banned in most of the world in the early 20th century, absinthe is still struggling to emerge from its shrouded history, despite the lifting of most bans in more recent years. While… Keep Reading

hotel okor 4
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Hotel Okoř Review

Doing anything to dine at Hotel Okoř The Hotel Okoř Family Restaurant is one of those places that deserve a special occasion. Luckily for me, and for their business, I suppose, I am quite good at justification, and can extend the concept of “special occasion” to include, among other things, simply really, really wanting to… Keep Reading

Nostress Cafe Prague
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Nostress Café Review: Relaxed setting, stressful dining

Meals at Nostress Café can be very good or very disappointing Nostress’ French and Asian dishes are hit-or-miss. Stress has been dubbed the enemy; it even kills, scientists tell us. There are pharmaceutical, herbal, physical and cognitive antidotes, as fighting stress has become a billion-dollar industry. On the flip side, a relaxed state can lead… Keep Reading

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