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May 12, 2022

5 Fascinating Facts About Honey

Starting as nectar found in plants and flowers, honey is a soft and sticky substance that is created by bees to strengthen their wings and keep them warm during the winter months. While seven species of bees make honey, the average bee will only

Brunch at Hotel Josef

Design hotel in Old Town ups the game on hotel breakfasts Where to go for Sunday brunch is a topic that often takes up a lot of discussion time in the expat
November 8, 2014
Top 5 Latin bars in Prague

Prague’s Top 5 Latin Bars

If you know where to look it is easy to get something aside from the ubiquitous guláš or pasta You might think that a night out in Prague is all about the
February 27, 2014

Back home and out for a pint

There’s something I must confess: I’ve never lived in Prague, proper. When I moved to this country in 2002 I lived in a (now not so small anymore) village a few km
July 12, 2013

A postcard from Spain

I’m spending a few days in Spain attending some not very pleasant family business, but I thought I drop a few lines about something typical of the beer, or rather, bar culture
July 5, 2013
Czech Beer Festival

Czech Beer Festival

Sixth-annual beer fest returns for 17 days of suds in the sun For those who like beer – and I mean really, really like it, in both quality and quantity – the
May 8, 2013
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