September 14, 2018

Ordering Pizza Online: Reasons and Rewards for Local Pizzerias Owners

The pizza delivery market is transforming at a tremendous rate, and as an owner of a local pizzeria being online is the current trend if you really want to expand your customer base and boost your revenue stream. Maintain an online presence ensures you are strikingly visible to customers who would perhaps never have heard anything about your business or seen your ads, and who would possibly never set foot in your store. So you can forget all about increasing foot traffic in your store!

However, having an online presence is somewhat similar to tapping your clients on the shoulder and telling them all about your wonderful pizzeria. And when you include a user-friendly feature for online ordering and a pizza delivery service, then you can be sure to skyrocket your likelihood of increasing sales and your profit margins.

But Why Would You You Need Online Ordering and Delivery?

You may still be wondering why you would need online ordering yet you already have an online presence. Well, it is true that you can just be online but don’t feel the need to have an online ordering and delivery service. But then you will be missing out on this lucrative money minting opportunity.

In fact, what you should be asking yourself is why you should allow such an opportunity to pass? Restaurant owners across the world who are rushing to expand their customer base have already joined the bandwagon of the online food delivery trend. Furthermore, people are rapidly moving away from ordering offline towards ordering online because it is not only easy but also convenient and totally transparent.

Finally, people can say goodbye to the hustle involved in ordering food the old-fashioned way. Since online pizza delivery is what the customers want, why not offer them what they need?

What are some of the Benefits of Online Pizza Ordering System for Your Pizzeria?

#1 It is Only A Click Away

Nowadays, more than at any other time in the past, people can effortlessly order food online from any location thanks to the widespread availability of smartphones and other mobile digital devices. According to some recent surveys, close to 70% of people who order food online using their mobile devices. Whether someone is stuck in traffic, on a short break, or just lazing around the house watching favorite TV shows, virtually anyone can order pizza quickly and effortlessly.

#2 It is Fast, Simple and Comfortable

Generally speaking, customers prefer to order pizza online because it is literally at the touch of a button. Almost anyone with a smartphone can place an order from your pizzeria. According to a recent poll, millennials are the largest demographic group of smartphone users and people who order food online. This represents a sizable market that you can’t afford to ignore if you are really intent on growing your pizzeria business.

#3 Ordering Online is Visually Stimulating and Appealing

Theirs is one saying that goes that “the first bite is with the eyes.” Therefore, enabling your clients to view your entire menu alongside images of the food items you are offering will motivate them to order food. In fact, if they are hungry, they might end up ordering more than they would usually have ordered. This is something that has been proven scientifically.

In summary, do not let your business slip away while other local pizzerias take all the customers just because you don’t have an online pizza delivery portal. You don’t need to have a sophisticated website to start an online ordering and delivery service. In fact, you might be surprised at how simple and rewarding it can be.

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