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coffee trends
October 17, 2018

Coffee Trends in 2018

If you have always been a coffee lover, you have probably tried different aromas and tastes and know all the popular local coffee shops. The industry of coffee making, however, is constantly evolving, with new interesting trends emerging that gives coffee enthusiasts the opportunity to try out new things, while not giving up on their favorite beverage. If you don’t know what’s been trending over this year in this department, acquiring some insights might help you discover new interesting things revolving around the subject, and become more versatile with your coffee orders. Here are the coffee trends that seem to have been most embraced by consumers in 2018:

cold brew

Cold Brew

Coffee cocktails aren’t exactly a new thing, these being around for quite some time now. However, cold brews, which don’t involve the use of any alcohol, have become the hot topic of discussion among coffee enthusiasts. Being deliciously mixed with all sorts of things such as syrup or cream, the taste offered can be in fact exquisite and ideal for warm days of summer. It may seem similar to filter or Americano coffee, but this alternative comes with a sweeter or perhaps mellower taste. The nitro coffee, which you may find at coffee shops or even in supermarkets, is one popular choice that falls within the cold brew category.

Sparkling Coffee

That’s right, in 2018 you have the chance to combine the authentic aroma of coffee with a hint of sparkling water. Since cold brew coffee has become so widely popular around the world, various other versions have been brought to the table, this sparkling option being one of the most enjoyed ones. Carbonated coffee has been added to the menus of many cafes, so if you haven’t tried it until now, it won’t be difficult to find a place that offers you this option. However, you can also easily prepare at home the way you usually do, but add sparkling water instead. With a bit of lemon wedge, the entire flavor will be even more interesting to try.

Ninja Coffee Bar

Ninja Coffee Bar Homemade Coffee

It seems like more consumers are starting to brew and prepare their own coffee at home, instead of visiting Starbucks or any other café on a daily basis. Preparing your hot beverage right at home is not only more convenient, but it allows you to play around with different aromas and find something that suits your personal taste perfectly. However, homemade coffee isn’t the only thing that has become popular, but a specific coffee maker seems to be in the spotlight in 2018. The ninja coffee Bar comes with an interesting built, great features and consumers seem to love how easily they can prepare a delicious cup in just minutes. If you want to take your homemade coffee taste to one worthy of a barista, you might enjoy adding this appliance to your kitchen. There are plenty of models that fall within this category of coffee makers, and once you read a detailed and accurate reviews, you’ll be able to decide on the best option for your needs. You don’t need to go outside to enjoy a delicious hot drink when you have all you need right at home.

Cafe au Lait Bowls

Cafe au Lait Bowls

The younger generation of coffee consumers are no longer focusing on taste and aromas solely, but on presentation as well, to achieve an even more pleasant coffee drinking experience. The reason behind presentation importance has mainly been linked to Instagram popularization, and because the generation Z is fascinated by everything revolving around Instagram, serving coffee has become more than just enjoying the taste and getting a shot of energy. One interesting trend you might not have heard about until now is consuming this beverage out of Cafe au Lait Bowls. Drinking out of a bowl might not have been something you have considered until now, but it seems like millennials love these beautifully and uniquely decorated bowls that this particular trend involves. Does drinking coffee out of Cafe au Lait Bowls taste better? Probably not. Does it look more interesting? Definitely yes.

Charcoal Lattes Turkish Coffee

Charcoal Lattes

Although they are presumably healthier than the average cup of coffee, the alternative lattes that you probably see all over Instagram have probably become so popular this year due to their visual appeal most of all. These lattes incorporate activated charcoal, which is said to have a cleansing effect on your body. A wide range of many other flavors can be added to these lattes, so while it’s arguable whether this drink is actually blocking toxins, you might enjoy the interesting aromas. So make sure to order yourself this type of latte next time you are at a coffee shop just to see for yourself what the fuss is all about.

Gourmet Coffee

While day to day coffee consumers, who rely on this beverage to get the energy they need through the day are more likely to prefer their beverage on the go. The newest generation focuses more on visual appeal and presentation, those who take their love for this drink one level further have started to focus more on gourmet options in 2018. Higher quality coffee beans are now more accessible for consumers so you can get some authentic flavors from direct traders much easier than you might have back in the day. You can now try gourmet coffee beans from different regions colors the globe and thus get a taste of as many aromas as you please until coming across that one perfect option that thrills your taste buds.

Coffee has always been the preferred hot beverage of everyone, but it seems like in 2018, more people have decided to experiment different flavors and taste, and to take their coffee drinking habits one level further. While the traditional espresso and Starbucks bought coffee will probably remain a top choice for the majority, these seem to be the coffee trends that have conquered 2018, giving coffee lovers a bit of variety. If you haven’t tried these until now yourself, it’s definitely time to do so.

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