Blondies Bar in Prague

Blondies Bar: The place for the best night out on the town

The center of Prague. A design music bar. Cocktails. Attractive blondes behind the bar that will leave no doubt that Blondies is the epitome of nightlife.

There are plenty of places to go out in the center of Prague. But there is only one place with a unique atmosphere, in which music that is pleasing to the ear, a dance floor with extraordinary design, reminiscent of the prohibition era of the 20’s and 30’s of the last century in America, blends with a view full of beautiful, fair-haired girls which can prepare a wide selection of cocktails from the bar menu, fulfilling all the guests’ secret wishes and tastes. Just say the word and a fresh cocktail will be served skillfully directly to you. This is the best mix of things on any night out you could ever wish for. In fact, you don’t feel like leaving at all. Why would you? The night never ends with the clock on the Adria Palace striking midnight. On the contrary, it begins with the first tones of the well-known DJs, who play a unique playlist for each night.

Blondies Bar Prague

No matter if you came to Blondies for the music, dancing or drinking. What you leave with is essential; the feeling you had. You take away the best of all feelings; of the time that has flown by so fast, spent in the great company of your friends, partners or a young lady that you invited for a long drink at the bar and asked for a dance, just like in the old days. Never mind that she, unlike you, stepped on your little toe with her high heel. You had a blast!

The sun is coming out as you are leaving the bar. And you thought that the blond at the bar was great and crosses your mind, your taste buds are still processing the dark chocolate taste from the J.D. Honey Milk Shake drink, and that’s exactly why you’ll want to return to Blondies. Maybe to go dancing at a special music show with your friends or on your own. But no one can take away that feeling of a whole night out spent well. You’re already looking forward to hearing the barmaid asking you, “Same as usual?”.

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